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2015 LNFA Serie B Wild Card Playoff Game

Saturday, 2 May, 2015:


Las Rozas Black Devils
Third Place Impar Conference

Season Results (3-5)
Lost to the Barberà Rookies 7-21
Lost to the Coslada Canioneros 7-13
Lost to the Zaragoza Hurricanes 12-21
Beat the Granada Lions 27-20
Lost to the Barberà Rookies 0-30
Beat the Coslada Canioneros 19-2
Beat the Zaragoza Hurricanes 41-0
Lost to the Granada Lions 29-17

Murcia Cobras
Second Place Par Conference

Season Results (4-4)
Lost to the Santurtzi Coyotes 7-14
Beat the Zaragoza Hornets 15-0
Lost to the Reus Imperials 14-34
Beat the Barcelona Búfals 20-13
Beat the Santurtzi Coyotes 19-16
Beat the Zaragoza Hornets 26-0
Lost to the Reus Imperials 7-20
Lost to the Barcelona Búfals 7-20

Because of a conflict with the Estrella de Levante SOS 4.8 Rock Concert Festival, today's Wild Card Playoff Game was moved to Estadio José Barnes from our normal El Campo de los Suenos home field at the University of Murcia's Estadio Monte Romero.

This meant giving up our usual home field dirt/sand/pothole advantage for the brand spanking new artificial turf surface at the Estadio Barnes.

The predicted temperature at our 5:00 p.m. kickoff was 91 degrees Fahrenheit. On artificial grass, it will probably feel warmer.

We started the game with 23 Cobras proudly wearing their all black uniforms. 

Our hard working Cobras had enjoyed a very good week of practice and I believed were more than ready to battle, adapt and survive in front of the home crowd.

The winner of this game will travel in two weeks to play the 8-0, Impar Conference Champion Barberà Rookies located near Barcelona in a LNFA Serie B Semi-Final Playoff Game.

But, first things first . . .

We had a new venue to set up.

 Banners were already up when we
arrived at 1:30 p.m.

 But we still had lots to do before
the kickoff to have the field ready

Like reassembling the down markers that we had transported over from the U. of M.

Casta, Kiki and Copete
in their work clothes

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, though glow from Kiki's body was mistaken for a sign that Christ was soon to be born on their planet.

 More Banners

Measuring the field before lining it

Assembling our newly
constructed goal posts


Mini-Q and Courier continuing
their measuring

Setting up the sideline yardage markers

They are actually each two seat cushions tied together with numbers hand painted on them by a Cobra sometime in the past.

LG Fernando proudly wearing his
Spanish National Team T-Shirt

Only 18 and still a Junior, Fernando had been our starting Senior team left guard until hurting his knee while playing for the Spanish National Junior team against the Italian National Junior team in a game in Turin about six weeks ago.

As a result of his injury, he missed our last two regular season games and would be out again today.

The Snack Bar

With LOTS of liquids for sale on this scorching afternoon, they were destined to do land office business!

Here come the Cobras!

Why are these two players tackling
each other without shoulder pads?

Simple answer really, the player, a defensive starter, who had a bag with at least six jerseys in it was still not at the game. It was now 25 minutes before kickoff.

Such is life in EuroBall.

 Reviewing Special Teams

Alberto Onofre Talavera
My Main Man

Rumor has it that he may soon be leaving the Iberian Peninsula for an adventure in the New World.

Rosa Talavera

Greeting Don Antonio Valverde

Antonio has been the White Hat at all of our home games. I think that he does an excellent job keeping the game under control and fairly applying the rules.

Overall, I have found the refereeing to be quite good in all of our games both home and away this season. 

Mini-Q was ready as always
to battle the Black Demons

I love coaching players with Mini-Q's fired up attitude, I just wish we had more like him.


Yes, the missing player and jerseys arrived just in the nick of time.

Our four most senior players
were the Captains today

L. to R.: #78 Roberto Duran (35 years old), #5 David Duran (33), #68 Alejandro Sotomayor (36) and #63 Tomás Romero (38).

By EuroBall standards, that these are our four oldest players is good. I've had several players well into their forties on past clubs.



Rocket Screen

COBRAS BALL: The offense started poorly with a Three and Out, Punt.

Javito punting with great form

COBRAS BALL: Fortunately, an unknown Cobra forced a fumble on the punt and Javi recovered it for the Murcians. Unfortunately, the Black Demons stopped us in the Red Zone on four consecutive plays.

A big fumble recovery on
the first punt of the day

BLACK DEMONS BALL: On their first play from scrimmage, the Black Demon who fumbled the punt took a handoff and bolted 75 yards to pay dirt. Alberto blocked their PAT attempt but the team from Las Rozas still had a 6-0 lead.

COBRAS BALL: Three and Out, Punt.

Angel throwing to . . .

. . . Rafa

Some good hitting going on today

BLACK DEMONS BALL: The Black Demons put together a solid drive that ended with a 10 yard TD run. The PAT was good and the Black Demons led 13-0.

Angel on the loose

COBRAS BALL: Three and Out, Punt.

Esteve returning a kickoff

BLACK DEMONS BALL: The Black Demons were in possession of the ball as the First Quarter came to an end with the score Las Rozas 13 - Murcia 0.


LAS ROZAS BALL: Continuing their drive, the Black Demons' QB was picked of by Cobras' FS Largo who had a nice return.


Pad Under Pad

Rufete in good man-to-man
coverage technique

Largo intercepts!

Largo up the sideline

Here comes Largo!!!

MURCIA BALL: Three and Out, Punt.

CB Kiki on the coverage

LAS ROZAS BALL: Cobras' DE Javi intercepted a Black Demons' errant pitch and returned it 25 yards for the Murcian's first TD of the game. Alberto's PAT kick was perfect and the Cobras now trailed by the slimmer margin of 7-13.

Javi playing the pitch

Oscar took this picture with Laurie directly across the field.

Javi makes the steal

Laurie took this picture with Oscar directly across the field.

Oscar's view of the TD

Laurie's view of the TD


Javi Happiness!!!

LAS ROZAS BALL: Alberto's kickoff sailed through the end zone and then the resurgent Cobras' defense came up with another There and Out, Punt.

Defense coming alive

MURCIA BALL: Three and Out, Punt. It was another very good punt by Javito who is an 18 year old, first year player up from the Junior team for his first Senior game of the year due to an injury to our usual punter.

Angel Arm Action

LAS ROZAS BALL: A good Black Demons' drive ended with a 3 yard TD run by their QB. The PAT was good and Las Rozas led 20-7.

Keep Hitting

MURCIA BALL: Finally a first down! But then an interception.

LAS ROZAS BALL: The First Half ended with the Black Demons driving with the score Las Rozas 20 - Murcia 7.


Trying to inspire the troops

Alberto's kickoff sailed
through the end zone again

BLACK DEMONS BALL: Three and Out, Punt. DE Javi got a partial block of the Las Rozas punt.

Get to the ball!

COBRAS BALL: Three and Out, Punt

Copete, on the left, driving
through a blocker

BLACK DEMONS BALL: The Black Demons pick up a first down before being forced to punt.

Rough and Tumble

COBRAS BALL: The Cobras first play was an interception that gave the Black Demons great field position.

Punt Block Team

BLACK DEMONS BALL: The Black Demons scored on a one yard run and the PAT was good. The Las Rozas lead was now 27-7.

COBRAS BALL:  After picking up a couple of first downs, Javito uncorked a tremendous punt that Mini-Q downed at the Las Rozas six yard line to end the Third Quarter with the score Las Rozas 27 - Murcia 7.


The fans were still behind the Cobras

Jesus back in action

LAS ROZAS BALL: Three and Out, Punt.

Kiki in Man Press Coverage

Omar returning a kickoff

Not sure what this Cobra on the
right is trying to do

Angel running . . .

. . . and running

Largo's TD catch

MURCIA BALL: QB Angel's great effort on a fourth down play kept the drive alive. He then found WR Largo open in the end zone for a 30 yard TD. Alberto's kick was true and the Cobras trailed 14-27.

The Cobra Defense still working hard

LAS ROZAS BALL: The Cobras onside kick was easily recovered by the Black Demons but the it was a Three and Out, Punt.

Javi deflecting a pass

MURCIA BALL: Forced to pass with time running out, the Cobras threw an interception.

Rojo running after a pass reception

LAS ROZAS BALL: Three and Out, Punt.

MURCIA BALL: After two first downs, the Black Demons came yup with an interception.

LAS ROZAS BALL: The Black Demons took a knee to end the game. The final score was Las Rozas 27 - Murcia 14.

With the loss, the Cobras' season comes to a close with a final record of 4-5. The now 4-5 Black Demons will travel in two weeks to play the 8-0 Barberà Rookies in the Serie B semi-finals.

The Black Demons have already played the Rookies twice this season, losing 21-7 and 30-0.

The traditional handshake

Our last post-game talk

Despite our ups and downs, the
players really care about each other

Mini-Q had some nice things
to say to me on behalf of the team 

He was more than kind in what he said.

Me and Mini-Q

Roberto and Me

Where would I have been this season without this wonderfully gracious Spaniard?

Our final 2015 Team Photo

So our fun season in Murcia came to a somewhat disappointing conclusion but we still had a good season with lots of positive moments and a ton of great memories . . .


2015 Serie B Playoffs

Saturday/Sunday, May 2/3, 2015
Las Rozas 27 - Murcia 14
Granada 46 - Santurtzi 13
BYES: Par #1 Reus (8-0) and Impar #1 Barberà (8-0)

Saturday/Sunday, May 16/17, 2015
Las Rozas (4-5) at Barberà (8-0)
Granada (6-3) at Reus (8-0)

Sunday, May 31, 2015

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