Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cobras Farewell Dinner at Casa Vives

Friday, 22 May, 2015:

Today was a regroup, recharge and reunion day.

Most of the day was spent tidying up La Hacienda, washing clothes and finally breaking down the video of our playoff game loss almost three weeks ago.

In the evening though, we had plans.

We were excited about seeing most of the Cobras again at Casa Vives, one of our favorite dining spots in Murcia, for a farewell dinner.

One of two LONG tables of Cobras

And the other one

We had a great turnout. It was good to see the people that we have grown to love while building lasting memories over the last five and a half months.

Roberto had me riveted

What is wrong with Alberto?

Oh, just symptoms of yet
another Spanish food coma

Casa Vives does NOT, in any possible way, cheat you on their food portions. Plates heaping with flavorful, aromatic cuisine just kept coming out to our tables non-stop for three hours!

Their dessert was awesome as usual

Both the Senior and Junior teams
gave us team pictures

They will be hung in a place of honor at Casa Contreras when we get back to Camarillo.

With QB Angel Clemente

After the meal, it was gratifying to have several of the Cobras, like Angel, request to have one last photo taken with me.

Gracias Cobras!!!

Love our Cobras!!!

The Murcia Cathedral Tower
overlooks Casa Vives

Reading Is FUNdamental

Kind of a slow start but I liked the book overall, a good read while circumnavigating a peninsula.

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