Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Last Full Day in Murcia

Friday, 29 May, 2015:

So we were down to one last day in Murcia.

As we have most of this week, we were still in the packing process with today being designated as Final Cutdown Day!

It was a struggle but we got everything packed with an eye on the maximum 23 kilos limit per bag for the flight home.

It is a good thing that they don't weigh the cary-on luggage!

In the morning I had to break away for one last trip to the Biblioteca Regional de Murcia to return our last five DVDs of the Spring.

While at the Biblioteca, I was surprised to see that they were displaying . . .

 . . . the Colorado Rockies new
avant garde baseball uniforms

I think that they'll be embraced by the sky-high Rockies fans.

It was also a day for good-byes . . .

Belén our beloved bakery owner

For one last dinner in Murcia, we met up with Oscar, Rosa and Alberto at their friend Melky's home for an Argentine style BBQ.

 Lots of meat is a MUST!

It looked even better on the grill

Interesting building construction
techniques in Melky's neighborhood

One way to patch up
an unwanted window

 Alberto mugging for the camera

Alberto with his two Moms

Rosa is Alberto's birth Mom while Laurie becomes his adoptive Mom when he comes to California to stay with us this Summer.

Enjoying the moment with
Oscar, Melky and Alberto

Postre . . .

Really BIG postre . . . DIOS MIO!!!

GREAT people indeed!

We shared a lot of good times with these folks over the last six months to be sure! By the way, nice shirt Oscar.

GRACIAS Melky for opening your
home to us tonight!

We had to cut dinner short at the two and a half hour mark so that we could return to La Hacienda to do a few last minute things.

Our trip home starts Saturday morning with a four and a half hour train ride from Murcia to Madrid.

We will stay in the Spanish capital for four nights before boarding our two separate planes for the flights to Los Angeles on Wednesday morning.

Because Laurie bought her round trip airfare months ago, she will fly on Air France from Madrid to Paris to Los Angeles.

The Cobras bought my return ticket after our season ended and were able to get me on a non-stop American Airlines flight from Madrid to Los Angeles.

It is time to see our family and friends back home in the USA.

We will never forget our time with the wonderful people of  Murcia, in general, and specifically our Cobra family!!!



Rosa said...

Infinitas Gracias por todo, siempre agradeceré haberos conocido y compartido con vosotros lo que tenemos, es poco pero lo hemos hecho de corazón, Os esperamos en Enero!!!! Besos familia.

David said...

As always, it has been great fun following your Euroball adventure. I look forward to catching up with you in Camarillo — although that may not happen for a while.

And I will hope Laurie's experience with Air France through Paris will be better than mine, coming back from the Torino Olympics, when they had a vehicle standing by to transport the first-class passengers to a very tight connection to an L.A. flight, while those of us in coach were left to fend for ourselves. This is why I will do my best to never fly Air France again.