Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Sun Drenched Day on la Playa in Nerja

Wednesday, 6 May, 2015:


Our only goal for today was to enjoy a leisurely day of Nerja's Costa del Sol ambiance on a glorious day at the beach.

 Iglesia San Salvador
in the morning

It was going to be a good day

Even the local cats were lazing
in El Sol

This playa looked good but . . .

. . . this one looked better . . .

. . . MUCH BETTER!!!

Yes, INDEED!!!

Just laying under a palapa
with a cold one in hand

Local fishermen gave some color
to our playa

The fishermen were working
while the rest of us were not

 Laurie getting artsy

Laurie getting a foot massage

She was living La Vida Loca on the Costa del Sol!

Finally, after over six hours alternating baking with dips in the Med, we headed back to our hotel for a shower before heading out to graze for a while.

There are COOL hats for sale in Nerja

 Our first noshing spot of the night

Just a cheese and ham plate

I've never seen an early bird special
advertised in Europe before

Mean streets of Nerja

Good place for Brian FitzGerald
when he finally retires

Is it for sale?

Oscar, Maury y Ernie,
quien es este santo?

Before heading out of our hotel, we asked the owners, Ian and Jane, for their recommendation for a place to eat.

They asked what day it was, Wednesday I replied. Then you must go to La Taberna de Pepe for the langoustine al pil pil.

So we did.


 La Taberna de Pepe

It had interesting decor.

Quite interesting

Including a mean looking boar

The langoustine al pil pil was

GREAT call Ian and Jane!

 Helado to cap off the evening,
but of course!

El Sol setting on Nerja

In the morning we will hit the road again to continue our Circumnavigation of the Iberian Peninsula.

Next stop: Cádiz

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