Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Sunny Spring Wednesday

Last night we had a very good, very intense Senior team practice in preparation for our tough road game this coming Easter Sunday against the 5-1 St-Cergues Bulldogs.

We were short one offensive tackle as we started our 25 minute defensive oriented scrimmage. Usually our import QB, John van den Raadt, has one of our two French QBs impersonating our opponent's QB while he calls the other team's plays from our scout cards.

John did that last night but also voluntarily lined up at right tackle! I do believe that his people had signed some sort of a nonaggression pact with our DE's representatives sometime during warm ups.

Great team player.

Today's roaming through the greater Lyon megalopolis took me to . . .

A small monument to the end of
France's colonial war in Algeria

 A tree in full spring bloom

Nelson D. School?

Another Gourmet Food Truck 

A HUGE monument to . . .

Medical Practitioners

The Fleet is IN!!!

Getting Hungry

 Lumière Brothers Moon Shot

They were the two brothers from Lyon who literally invented motion pictures.

Great Lasagna at Chez Jackie today

 Wet Red Paint, BE CAREFUL!

Rusty Balcony

Typical Street Scene

 Catching Up

The Red Menace in Lyon

I'm OK with the French Communist Party because I don't believe that they will foment a revolution in Gaul in only the . . .

days before I hit Paris!


Julien said...

George, you miss the Pastries World champion by a few blocks when you were in Grange-Blanche (Rockeller building)...

Not Good For You!

George said...

Probably very good for everyone, it could have gotten quite ugly if I had gotten into one of my feeding frenzies!!!