Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Return of Falcon Weather

It was Thursday, so it was time to meet Mary Robinson Hubert at the Place Bellecour at 10h30 as usual for the weekly AVF Club meeting for foreigners living in Lyon.

The weather had turned overnight to a more typical Lyonnais overcast drizzly day. Thus, with the poor weather and no theme today, our numbers were down at the meeting.

Not to worry, next week's meeting is "Brazilian Coffee Day" so the numbers should be back up to snuff.

Samba anyone?

 Nora and Mary

After the meeting, Mary and her husband Gerard invited me to join them and their friend Nora for lunch at one of my favorite spots in the Vieux Lyon, Restaurant Les Adrets.

I had the venison which was outstanding in an amazing red wine sauce.

One thing that I will definitely miss about France is the great conversations during a two hour lunch over some well prepared food and some red wine but of course.

 With Nora

Nora jogs with Mary and her husband works with Gerard. She was really fun to meet and has offered to meet with Laurie so that they can help each other with French and English should Laurie ever opt to come to France.

More signs of Spring

Meanwhile some news from the world of EuroBall . . .

QB Kevin Dillman
La Mirada H.S., California

Kevin is a foreign exchange student from Sweden who has played American football in Sweden and landed in California for the first time last Fall. The result? Lots of scholarship offers from PAC-12 and SEC schools.

EuroBall is getting better and better every year. For more on Kevin, click on the link below.


I have decided to take the train North this Friday to the Burgundy region of France, specifically to the city of Dijon.

As with my last two Travel Fridays, the French American Football blog master, Olivier Rival, has set up another fun lunch meeting for me with not one but two luminaries from the world of Dijon football.

QB Baptiste "Whoom" Mullot
Besançon Bisons

Baptiste attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth last Fall and made it through the tryout process to become a walk-on QB with the Horned Frogs.

He actually got to experience every EuroPlayer's dreams come true to say the least. His story should be fascinating to be sure. Besides his TCU tales, I am relying on Baptiste to act as in interpreter with our other living French American football legend lunch mate who is as limited in English as I am in French.


Guillaume "Bednarik" Beard
LB Dijon AS.Fenis

Guillaume retired from the game after last season. He was 62 years old at the time!

This is going to be a really interesting lunch!

It would be well worth your time to click on the link below about Guillaume and Google translate it to get a feel for what I am about to experience.

With as much anticipation as I have for Friday in Dijon, I am still so very excited to realize that I will be in Paris in only . . .

More Days!!!

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