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The Hay is in the Barn . . .

First off, I would like to thank former St. Francis H.S. Golden Knight Wing Back par excellence, John Zant, for the article that he recently wrote in the Santa Barbara Independent about the EuroBall experience.

I must add that RB Brice "Hollywood" Rontet has been hard to live with since this article was published .

To see John's article, click on this link:

Sunday, March 3, 2013
2:00 p.m.
Lyon Gones (1-2)
Bron- Villeurbane Falcons (3-0)

On Thursday evening we held a well attended practice to put the final touches on our game plan for this Sunday's Senior game at home against the Lyon Gones.

Don't let their record fool you, besides the emotions of being an intercity rivalry game, it must be remembered that in our season opener against the Gones it was 7-7 at the half. We would go on to win 21-7 on that long ago November day. I would have to say that the Gones played us the toughest game of the season to date. We must be ready for a battle!

The weather is cooperating for once as the prediction at kickoff is for sunny skies and a high of 52ºF/11ºC.

On Friday, my usual wanderlust for Travel Friday had waned somewhat because of Wednesday's trip to Pérouges. Thus, I wandered towards the Vieux Lyon in search of adventure. 

Beautiful Old Building

A Church that has been under
renovation for a long time

If I read the sign on the door correctly, and that's a BIG if, this church is scheduled to open this month.

A Stonemason's
Oak Leaves and Acorns

A Swan out for a Swim

Time for Lunch at
La limonade de Marinette

The Salade de Ravioles was
Très Magnifique

So was the Cappuccino, Dessert and
after lunch Café

They were playing Dave Brubeck's signature "Take Five" as I enjoyed my dessert and café . . . perfect!

St-Georges Slaying the
Big Winged Dog???

Stone Lion at Église St-Georges

The Funicular to Fouvière Hill

Girl with a Café

This guy is EVERYWHERE!

Saucisson Shop in Vieux Lyon

It is a French Speciality! I tasted a delicious sample but settled for a heart warming vin chaud instead.

Charlie Chaplin was in the House!

When I got to the north end of the Vieux Lyon, I wandered into the Gare de St-Paul and, on a spur of the moment, hopped aboard a local train to the rural village of Brignais only 20 minutes outside of Lyon.

Don't ask me why.

Glass Chards Menacing Intruders
away from this Brignais Backyard

That Reminds Me,
Laurie will be in Paris SOON!!!

An old Brignais Bridge

Brignais' World War I Memorial

A Lone Rose at the Foot of the Memorial

Additional Brignais Heroes from
WWII were added in later years

Hey, Brignais has an Old Church!

Église St-Clare is actually a very new church have been built in only the 18th century.

Blue Rosette Window

Interesting Modern Day
Stations of the Cross

Parishoners' Devotional Moment

The Resistance was fierce in the
greater Lyon area during WWII

Heraldry is always of interest to me

A not so new mail box

Those vines are death to your stucco!

One uses any and all of the materials at their disposal when building in these parts

How old is this "No Parking" sign?
Another Fallen French Resistance Hero

End of the train line emergency stopper

In the evening, John and I joined Falcons LB Matthieu Fayard for dinner at the home of Nath and Olivier Caldes. Nath is the Treasurer of the Falcons and Olivier is the Head Coach of the Falcons Junior team.

Crêpes Night at the Caldes Home

After a Ricard Pastis or three, it was time to sit at the dinner table for delicious mini-crêpes that we filled with various cheeses and meats.

In this picture you see John about to descend on the 24th of the 37 mini-crêpes he devoured on the night.

BIG Dessert Crêpes

After couple of bottles of Gray Wine, it was time for these delicious dessert crêpes that we filled with Nutella, fruits, and/or whip cream.

. . . and oh SO good for you too!!!

Great Hosts, Better People
Olivier and Nath Caldes

We all had a GREAT time thanks to these two.


Finally, your Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons bowed this week to the peer pressure of the world's latest craze . . . The Harlem Shake!

Click on this link if you dare to watch the madness:

As for me who watched it unfold but did not participate . . .

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