Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunny Monday Stroll

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The Number Three

On Monday the heat wave continued to scorch the Lyonnais landscape was temperatures soared to a high of 61ºF/16ºC. People in the streets were dropping like the proverbial flies.

I decided to journey back to the western Lyonnais suburb of Écully where I had dined on Saturday night to see the sights by daylight.

World War I Memorial

 Écully has a CHURCH!

Today, it was closed.

Church Stone Works 

Goofy Lion

I had a GREAT sandwich here

I headed back towards Lyon's downtown where I ran into, you're not going to believe this, another CHURCH!

 The Twelve Apostles?

Nice Ram


Colorful Pillars

Beautiful Mosaic Floor

The Lord Hard at Work 


St-Jean Fort

Overlooking the upper Saône River, I had never seen this impressive fort before.
 The Granary Abondance

Built in 1643, it could hold 16,000 tons of grain in its heyday. It is now office space for Regional Cultural Affairs.

This inscription marks the high water mark of the flood of 1840. It is about 6 feet - 4 inches high!

 Colorful Neighborhood

A Very Colorful Neighborhood Indeed 


WOW! That's older than the city of Camarillo, California.

The River Saône 


 Lyon's Hôtel De Ville
Resplendent on a Sunny Day

Just eight days ago I posted pictures
of this fountain with foot long icicles

Today people are dining al fresco
right next to the same statue


What a wonderful day as Spring is definitely in the air.

The Cadet and Junior practices tonight should be good ones!

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