Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lazy Wednesday

Today I opted to do my very best impression of a bump on a log. I just did some fun reading, watched a couple of non-football videos and planned this Travel Friday's adventure. I decided to visit Montpellier in the South of France for sure but definitely not in Provence.

Spring Gardens
are starting to pop up

A Rainbow at the Cadet Practice 

Cadets in action

Good effort by the Cadets tonight.

Juniors prepping for this
Saturday's game at Chambéry

The Juniors accomplished good thing's in the evening's second practice.

International All-Star Game

In yesterday's post I wondered if any Ventura County athletes were on the USA roster. After I posted that question, the Falcons received some splendid news about this game. 

Falcons DB Ibel Ahidazan

Ibel has been selected to the French National Junior team roster as a DB!

Ibel Can Carry the Rock Too!


More Days Until Paris!!!

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