Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dinner at the Damboise Home

On Friday night, I was invited to the home of Jean Charles and Marianne Damboise in the western Lyon suburb of Écully for a traditional French, home cooked dinner.

You may recall that by purely blind luck, I was able to connect their daughter Lucie and our friends Paul and Joanne Sabolic in Northridge, California. The Sabolics are going to host Lucie this summer for a few months while she attends Cal State-Northridge and studies the strange ways of the American culture. 

My VERY Gracious Hosts
Marianne and Jean Charles Damboise

My First Ever Foray into the
Wonderful World of Bone Marrow

After some delicious hors d'oeuvres, including a sensational one made of foie gras, it was time for our first plate.

I was very pleasantly surprised with both the flavor and the texture. I liked it.

Beef and Veggies

Our main dish was very good as well.

Santé Jean Charles!

Jean Charles loves to cook and I love to eat!

Talk about your basic symbiotic relationship . . .

He made the Dessert too!

What a great, great evening! Marianne and Jean Charles were great hosts, wonderful conversationalists and set a fine table.

Being invited into people's homes for a meal is truly one of the very best things about getting the opportunity to live abroad. It certainly gives you insights into French culture!

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