Thursday, March 14, 2013

AVF St. Patrick's Day Party

It was sunny today in Lyon but the wind continues to whip through the landscape making ambling about the old city a bit daunting.

Actually, the Falcons
are pretty good on Defense 

We've only surrendered 20 points in our five games.

Chimneys surrounding Place Bellecour

It was Thursday, so I met Mary Robinson Hubert as usual for the weekly AVF club meeting in Vieux Lyon.

 Sleek New Taxi?

Flesh Eating Plants For Sale
in Vieux Lyon

This store had lots of different varieties of these hungry little plants.

"Feed me, Seymour!"

 Cacao Beans
The Basis for Chocolate

 AVF Reception Area Today

What the . . .

Oh, that's right, it was an early
St. Patrick's Day motiff today

Wear Green or Get Pinched!

Rich Goodies as always!

Making Coffee . . .

. . . IRISH Coffee

This may have been a short cut but it still tasted darn good.

Adding the Final Touches

Scones with Jam hit the spot as well

After consuming way to many goodies, I was off to wander the rues in search of authentic Lyonnais street scenes.

Setting Up for the Lunch Crowd

Scarves For Sale 

A Vieux Porte in Vieux Lyon

Business Signs are always of interest

It should be St. James' not
St. James's I do believe

A Bouchon Specializes in Pork Cuisine

Another Good Looking Restaurant 

A Wine Shop

A Beauty Salon


A School for Boys

Lots of Bouchons in Lyon 

Dairy Products 

 Yellow was BIG Today

As was Red . . .

. . . See

Too Cold to Eat Outdoors . . .

 . . . But the Place Settings were Nice


Rue de Boeuf translates to Beef Street

The bull statue up above was to help illiterate people in the middle ages to know where they were.

 Colorful Courtyards

Corner Brick Work

 As I said, Red was an IN Color Today

Latin I'm Sure

Headless in Lyon

 Guignol Puppets are a Tradition in Lyon


Oh yes, it WAS windy today!

No, I don't get tired of this Fountain

Chez Jackie Yesterday

I forgot to post this from lunch yesterday, I enjoy my weekly meal at Chez Jackie's quite a lot.

One last Senior team (5-0) practice tonight before our game in Chambéry against the Aigles (1-2) on Sunday. We'll need a good one to compete with an improving squad in only three days.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'll be off to Aix-en-Provence on Friday where I will have lunch with Gabriel Maginier, the Head Coach of the Aix-en-Provence Argonautes Junior team.

A hearty "Merci" to Olivier Rival who set up this meeting. Olivier edits the wonderful website that gives you all of the information that you could possibly want on any and all things about American football in France.


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Olivier R said...

Thanks Georges. The site is not, it was but is now
Have a great day in Aix!
(BTW if you have the occasion try the ventres jaunes restaurant you have in photo in your post it s a great one.