Friday, March 8, 2013

Thursday and Our Last Practice

It was Thursday so it was once again time to go with Mary Robinson Hubert for another AVF Club, Lyon's foreigners club, meeting.

Jane and Joyce

Jane is from Bainbridge Island near Seattle and is new to Lyon. She and her husband are here for just a couple of months while he serves as a mentor.

Joyce is a long time Lyonnais and one of the key members of AVF.

Nice glasses ladies!

Lyon's Third Best Crêpe Maker

Of course, Nath and Olivier Caldes are tied for first place in this category.

Spring is in the Air

Not Real


Saône River looking inviting

Sergeant Demetrio López Garcia

Do you remember the 1950's TV show that featured this comedic character?

Flags of Lyon and France flying
proudly on a beautiful afternoon

The Swans like the Sun too

In the evening, our Senior team (4-0) had our last practice before our Saturday night game in Clermont-Ferrand against the Servals (0-4). We had another solid workout with both our energy and effort running high, I think we are ready to play.

We'll see soon enough.

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