Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shopping for Veggies and Victor Hugo

This morning, John and I traveled into downtown Bron to visit the Grand Frais marketplace that specializes in excellent and exotic produce.

Fresh Red Peppers

Delicious Looking Grapes

Green Peppers for a Pizza Tonight 

 Strange Roots

 Lovely Eggplants

Interesting Graffiti Eggplant

Cabbage or maybe Calves' Brains?

Mangoes Perhaps

We brought home three bags of really healthy items.


Reading Is FUNdamental!!!

It is also very laborious sometimes.

2,363 pages on my iPad

I started reading Victor Hugo's masterpiece in early December and just finished it today.

Hugo's tome is equal parts the story of Jean Valjean, Cosette and Inspector Javert and of the author's incredible love affair with French History in general and the city of Paris in particular.

No Cuban-American boy should ever be exposed with this much about French History.

To say the very least, the original novel puts all of the subsequent excellent movie, play and musical adaptations of Les Misérables to shame.

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