Monday, March 11, 2013

New Pictures from the Falcons-Servals Game

I was excited to get the following photos from the Falcons game in Clermont-Ferrand via Facebook from Falcons up and coming DT Mathieu Phalaris and from photographer Florian Martinez.


 The Defense played SO well!!!

Will the entire DL please get in a stance.

Remi Laurencon and Pierre Bouysset
racing for a QB Sack off the edge

 Good Stances

Another Falcon QB Sack


 VDR Sets . . .

The offense was excellent as well Saturday night. QB John van den Raadt had his best game to date throwing three TD passes in the first half. He only played in part of the first series of the second half before being replaced by backups Mathieu Paredes and Bruno Chapuis. 

. . . Throws . . .

. . . and Follows Through,
the Result . . .

 . . . TOUCHDOWN Gaetan Tafa!!!

 WR Pierro Theyssier played GREAT!!!

VDR Scrambling 

Bruno Chapuis TD pass to Wahid Larbi

Brice Rontet for Two Points

Brice is our holder on PATs and had trouble handling the snap on this attempt but made a "FIRE" call and ran it in himself.

Brice Rontet's
Dying Cockroach Block on the left


Oh to some day have an entire team with Brice's attitude, skills and desire . . .

Meanwhile, in St-Étienne . . .

One of France's most, shall we say,
experienced Division IV Linebackers

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