Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Trip to the Bahadourian Spice Market

About ten days ago I had an excellent lunch with Jean Charles and Marianne Damboise and their children Julien and Lucie. During our delightful repast, the conversation soon drifted to cuisine, imagine that in France, and the importance of a wide variety of spices in preparing meals.

Marianne informed me that the place to purchase spices was a shop named Bahadourian Saveurs & Decouvertes. They have been in the spice business since 1929. So today I ventured into Lyon's 3rd arriondissement to find some of the riches from the Orient.

Food Trucks in Lyon?

The recent gourmet food truck trend in America is making its way to France.

Looks like I'm in the right neighborhood

Here it is!

Let's step inside and see what all of the fuss is about.

These funky cooking pots
are all the rage in these parts

 Either a spicy sauce or an oil based paint

A Wide Selection of Olives

Laurie would love this place.

Candied Fruits

George would love this place.

Hey, that's me and I DO!

Oh My!!! 

They looked delicious and their aroma was wonderful.

I purchased 100 grams each of
Chorba, Cumin, Curry and Piment Doux

Once back at The Villa, I turned the spices over to our Head Chef, John van den Raadt. He promises to cook up a storm now that he has been fully stocked.

Up first, a curry dish for dinner . . . YUM!

Thanks, Marianne, GREAT CALL!!!

As usual, I saw some interesting things as I walked to the Bellecour Metro stop.

The Old Hospital

Bike Repair on the Fly

A Great Day for Fishing
on the banks of the Rhône River 

Neon Jogger

The Jules Verne Merry-Go-Round
Ticket Booth

Another Lion in Lyon 

 This Festival could be interesting

Fish Restaurant

That reminds me, I've got some excellent fish soup wait for me at The Villa. I can still have a warm bowl with some fresh bread before our Senior practice tonight.

Got to go! 

I'll find out in only . . .

more days if they have good
fish soup in Paris

I bet that the answer will be a resounding, "OUI!"

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