Sunday, March 24, 2013

Foire de Lyon and a French American Football Update

Thanks to Falcon offensive lineman Mehdi Bezguiche's efforts in obtaining two free passes for us, John and I ventured to Lyon's Eurexpo complex to see the 2013 Foire de Lyon. Foire is French for fair.

This expo is in only its 95th year but has its roots in the Renaissance silk and Lyonnais product markets that were the historical forerunners of today's event hundreds of years ago.

The Eurexpo Complex is

The theme of this year's Foire was New York

Does this sign look right to you?

NYC = Gotham City

After all, NYC's Statue of Liberty was
a French gift to America

Janis and Malcolm

There you go, THAT'S more like it!

Great Fire Engine

1950 Studebaker Memories

Dennis O'Dorisio, a Senior, drove some of us to school everyday as Freshmen in an exact copy of this classic car except that his was blue.

What a ride!

Classic Caddy, GREAT Fins


Ford F-150 avec FLAMES!

Cool Tailgate

They even were showing the locals
some of our unique sports

OK, Basketball is not so unique
to just America anymore

Big Women's Tournament in
Lyon next weekend

Roller Hockey was in the house

Our Cross-Town Rivals

The Gones did a very nice job trying to spread the fan base for American football in Lyon. They had several youngsters trying to do football fundamentals for the first time.


Attempting his first pass

Not surprisingly, he missed the target.

Practice, practice, practice . . . 

Future Pile Driving Gones Fullback?

Widen Your Base!!!

Baseball Throw vs. a Mini-Radar Gun

Notice the small netting acting as a backstop. Notice the woman in red outside the backstop holding the mini-radar gun.

Imagine a man throwing just before this lady at the line.

Now, imagine his testosterone driven fastball that sailed past the lady in red's head and almost hit the man in blue who had his back to the throw.

Can you say liability?

This lady at the line hit the backstop with reasonable form and speed on both of her tosses.

Good for her!

Softball Throw for Accuracy

Is that an old glove or a pillow?

Bowling was on display too

Cool Move

In a big surprise, the NFL's New England Patriots unveiled their new helmets for the 2013 season.

Meanwhile, back out at the rest of the Foire . . .

Once out of the American Zone (Check Point Charlie?), we found that the Foire de Lyon featured an incredibly large display of every product that you could think of even remotely being a part of your life.

Those Renaissance merchants would have been proud!

Wood Burning Stoves

Got 'em.

Hey Culligan Man!

Nice 1984 Excalibur

Nothing says France like Bison

Interesting furniture was on display

A Fold Up Couch

Yes, fold UP not fold out . . .

It turns into a Bunk Bed too!

Oh what these French invent!

We could use a good
Oriental Rug in The Villa

Indian Headdress sales were brisk

This Knife Salesman
is a Human Infomercial

Tempting but not my type of Crocs

The damage that Laurie could have done

A spa with a decent amount of jets

Gazebo Furniture . . . NICE!


Russian Wares

Light Weight Scarves

A Funky Wine Decanter

Lay down, wear these goggles and
all of your troubles will disappear!

Then there were Halls 1 and 2, the FOOD HALLS!

Mustard Cheese

I should send a wheel to the FitzGerald brothers.

Pesto Cheese

DELICIOUS! We bought a half kilo to consume at our leisure.

Dried Meats

French Macaroons


Trumpets of Death?

Damn right, I sampled some on a cracker! They were not so hot and I'm still blogging.

The green ones are coated
with spices from Provence

You know, I've been to Provence a time or two.


How Laurie loves these.

Praline Infused Bread

Cookies, Purple Cookies

Tête de Cochon



They couldn't possibly have . . .


Oh, how I've missed these.

Great Sicilian Tomato Based Products

St-Georges Wine

We were getting hungry.

Raclette and Ham Sandwich perhaps?


Now this is more like it

Half Pork and half Chicken Sandwich


Sun Dried Tomatoes Anyone?

Mathilde with Papi

We ran into Fred "Papi" Bastiand and Mathilde and shared a drink with them as they dined. They also were kind enough to give us a ride back to The Villa.

"Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli"

Little Hearts

I wish that Laurie had been here to share the day, she would have really enjoyed the Foire de Lyon.

Nath Caldes posted some of her pre-game photos from Saturday's Junior game in Chambéry. 

Falcons' Junior Braintrust

Christophe Garel, John van den Raadt, Olivier Caldes with his back to the camera and Matthieu Fayard facing Olivier.

Don't know how that homeless guy got on the field and in the picture.

Junior Linemen Warming Up

2013 Senior Division III Playoffs
Start the Weekend of April 27-28

Week #4 Make-Up Game Result
Chambéry 30 - Lyon 13
BYES: Bron-Villeurbanne, Clermont-Ferrand and St-Cergues

Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons 6-0
St-Cergues Bulldogs 5-1
Chambéry Aigles 2-3
Lyon Gones 1-5
Clermont-Ferrand Servals 0-5

Week #9 Games
Sunday, March 31, 2013
Bron-Villeurbanne (6-0) at St-Cergues (5-1)
Chambéry (2-3) at Clermont-Ferrand (0-5)
BYE: Lyon (1-4)


Another GREAT day in France and you know what?

In only . . .

More Days I'll be in Paris!


Olivier R said...

I knew a trip there 'd make a great post! BTW "herbs of Provence" is a generic term to talk about a mix of classic mediterranean aromatic herbs. That does not mean the herbs actually did grow in Provence. In your case i don't know where the saucisson maker bought his herbs but he made his saucisson in french Catalonia or Roussillon as they are classic "fouet catalan". ;.)

George said...

Provence is becoming a real headache for this blog . . .

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