Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Lyonnais Derby

Lyonnais Derby

On this sunny and warm Sunday afternoon, your Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons (3-0) hosted their cross rival Lyon Gones (1-2) in an important FFFA Division III Sud Poule C contest.

These two teams met in the Falcons season opener back on November 11, 2012. The Falcons outlasted the Gones in a tough game on that Fall day by a final tally of 21-7.

While the importance of this game was obvious to me, it was not as important in the eyes of the people who schedule the use of the fields at Stade Pierre Duboeuf in Bron.

A Rugby game had precedence
on the Stade's Main Field

Thus we were relegated to the Stade's quaint side field.

Be sure that we will have another post about this game once award winning Falcon photographer par excellence, Nath Caldes, posts her shots from today's contest.

The Gones started the game on offense but were stopped cold by the stout Falcons' defense . . . Three and Out, PUNT!

The home squad Falcons put on a very long, time consuming drive that ended with a 1 yard TD run by Wahid Larbi. As usual, the PAT kick was errant, Bron-Villeurbanne led 6-0.

The Gones second possession ended with a fumble that was both forced by and recovered by DE Anthony Bouvier.

After a key pass completion from John van den Raadt to Ludo Dornier, RB Brice "Hollywood" Rontet followed an excellent block by Left Tackle Alexandre Da Silva as he cut and slashed his way 25 yards on a beautiful TD run. John van den Raadt scored a two point PAT on a well blocked run. The Falcons were now leading 14-0 as the First Quarter ended.

 The Gones pitching on an Option play

The Falcons' Read Option play

The Gones third possession again ended with another . . . Three and Out, PUNT!

The Gones punt died at the Falcons one yard line, so the Falcons had to overcome terrible field position. A 20 yard first down pass from van den Raadt to Emrah Bayrak was just what the doctor ordered. John van den Raadt would have a great Hammer Hit on the drive but penalties would eventually stymie the drive and force a Brice Rontet punt.

The Gones caught the Falcons in a blitz with a QB draw play that was good for 43 yards and a Gones TD. The PAT was wide right as the Falcons stayed ahead 14-6.

The big play of this Bron-Villeurbane drive was a 48 yard scamper by van den Raadt that would soon lead to VDR scoring the next Falcon TD on a 1 yard run. The very low PAT was blocked easily by the Falcon linemen's rear ends. The Falcons had extended their lead to 20-6.

The Gones got a drive going in large part due to a key penalty on the Falcons after the Falcon defense had apparently stopped the Gones easily on a Third and 20 situation. FS Ismael Sánchez would make a big hit on the Goal Line a few plays later on a fourth down play to get the ball back one last time for the Falcons offense.

The Falcons only had time for one play, so Hail Mary it was. Unfortunately our QB's arm was hit just as he was releasing the ball forcing the ball well short of the intended goal.

At the intermission it was still Falcons 20 - Gones 6.

Madame Arbitre

The Gones started the second half with a successful on-side kick attempt. FS Ismael Sánchez made an excellent interception in the end zone to stop the Gones threat.

The Falcons enjoyed another good drive that efficiently mixed running and passing plays. Brice Rontet would score his second TD of the afternoon, this time on a 5 yard run. Wahid Larbi had a successful two point PAT run to push the Falcons lead to 28-6.

After Fred "Papi" Bastiand put the ensuing kickoff deep into the Gones end zone for a touchback, the Gones offense again went . . .  Three and Out, PUNT!

The Falcons attack squad lost the ball on a fumble.

Not to worry, the Falcon defense was up to the challenge as the Gones had a . . . Three and Out, PUNT!

The Falcons were driving as the Third Quarter came to a close with the Falcons ahead 28-6.

#25 Brice Rontet had a GREAT game

The Falcons drive continued but stalled out on downs at the Gones 10 yard line.

Hey, guess what? Gones offense . . . Three and Out, PUNT!

Bruno Chapius was now at the helm as RB Wahid Larbi scored his second TD of the contest on a 13 yard run. Papi Bastiand kicked the PAT through the uprights. The Falcons were now up 35-6.

The Gones turned the ball over after four plays and no first downs.

The Falcons ran a couple of plays as the game came to a close.

Falcons (4-0) 35 - Gones (1-3) 6

Overall, it was a lackluster victory even though it was our highest point total of the season. Too many penalties and a lack of focus made for a ragged performance.

We must still get much better.

Happy Falcons Post-Game

Note OG David Melin already placing his newest Victory Decal on his helmet. 


The Bordeaux Hammer

RB Brice Rontet won the coveted post-game Bordeaux Hammer Award for his hard-nosed play against the Gones.

It was very well deserved indeed! Great effort Brice!!!

Division III - Sud Poule C

Week #7 Results
Bron-Villeurbanne 35 - Lyon 6
St-Cergues 14 - Clermont-Ferrand 13
BYE: Chambéry

Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons 4-0
St-Cergues Bulldogs 4-1
Chambéry Aigles 1-2
Lyon Gones 1-3
Clermont-Ferrand Servals 0-4

Week #5 Make-Up Game
Saturday, March 9, 2013
Bron-Villeurbanne (4-0) at Clermont-Ferrand (0-4)
BYES: Chambéry (1-2), Lyon (1-3) and St-Cergues (4-1)

How to celebrate the win???

I will have to think this through very carefully.


David said...

I think the rugby team received use of the main stadium simply because of style points for those uniforms.

Congratulations, Falcons!

George said...

They were truly outstanding jerseys worthy of a Pittsburgh Steeler throwback concept .