Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nath Caldes' AWESOME Gones Game Photos

Falcon Team Photo in Today's
Lyon Le Progrès newspaper

Unfortunately, when I try to enlarge this picture off of the Le Progrès website it quickly becomes extremely grainy.

A Goal MUST Be Written Down
For It To Have Meaning

Now for some of the best of Nath Caldes' over 600 pictures from Sunday's game against the Lyon Gones.

YOUR Falcons Hit the Field



QB John van den Raadt

John had another great game! He improved vastly over his first game two weeks ago. His leadership and team building skills are even better than his excellent passing and running abilities.

RB Brice Rontet had a GREAT game too!

He scored 2 TDs and had several physical runs.

RB Wahid Larbi scored 2 TDs and
added a Two Point PAT

LT Djamel Laib with a possible
Dying Cockroach Block

RG David Melin Pulling


VDR lets it fly

RB Wahid Larbi loose again

Djamel . . .

Using My Hands to Talk Like a Native


WR Emrah Bayrak
Stretching for Extra Yardage

RB Wahid "Crazylegs" Larbi

VDR on a BIG Gain

VDR finishes a run with a

WR Pierro Theyssier

He had a nice game returning punts also.

Classiest Play of the Day
An Option Pitch

With the score tied at 0-0 early in the game, the Falcons operated an Option play to perfection completely fooling the Gones' defense. About one stride from crossing the Goal Line for an apparent TD and with no Gones defender anywhere nearby, QB John van den Raadt decided to take a pass on personal glory and pitched the ball to RB Brice Rontet to let him score instead.

Unfortunately, we were flagged for a block in the back and Brice's TD was negated. 

VDR's classy move was not.

The Baptiste Gabriac Fan Club





Good things happen when people run to the ball.

Take the Penalty

Fred "Papi" Bastiand
Directing Traffic

Trench Warfare!


Not Happy

I am entrusted with the job of driving our team to excellence and to help them reach their potential. Thus I was not happy at the end of the 35-6 victory because we played very sloppy football and committed way too many penalties.

We need a good week of practice to work on some things before this Saturday night's game in Clermont-Ferrand against the Servals.

Please note the young lady in the white coat on the left. She is our new Team Trainer Shannon Tesseyre who originally hales from Danville, California. She works in a restaurant in the Vieux Lyon and is married to a Frenchman. She did a great job for the Falcons yesterday.

MERCI and welcome to the Falcons, Shannon!


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Nice pictures.

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