Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Jacob and much more . . .


He looks GREAT in Dodger Blue!

Going to The Happiest Place on Earth

When I called Jacob today, he was on his way to Disneyland with his parents, Mike and Vanessa. Enjoy the moment kids.

Days like this are the definite drawback to my assignment.

Mike Contreras had a
Hammer Hit Saturday Night

This photo was taken at Mike's Ventura County Hogs game played at Buena H.S. in Ventura, California this past weekend. It is a nice hit when the opponent's helmet flies off!

Probably a $50,000 fine in the NFL.

Speaking of American football . . .

We were fortunate enough to get some nice picture of our Aigles-Falcons game yesterday from the Aigles' website today.

 OLB David Ollagnier directing traffic

 This Aigles LB, #1 out of UConn,
is a BEAST!

I love the Aigles Game Pants

Falcons QB John van den Raadt
striking his Heisman pose

The Aigles QB played well in
throwing two TD passes 

VDR earning a Dying Cockroach decal

Maybe two.

I love WR Mathieu Paredes, #2, sustaining his block in the background!

I spent the afternoon on an extended walk starting at Place Jean Mace and ending up in Place Bellecour. I saw some things that peeked my interest along the way.

Unusual License Plate

The logo and the 2B identify that the car was registered in the Haute-Corse Department in Corsica. 

Old Bottles in an abandoned
storefront window

Pondering how time does not always fly 

Ladies having a lunch cigarette

Damn the weather, WE NEED A SMOKE!  

OK guys, the smoking lamp is lit

It was best for everybody that
this store was closed today

Colorful Rue Corner

I know where Mike Contreras is,
I wonder what Brian FitzGerald is up to? 

At about this point, I got got in a thunder and lightening enhanced down pour for about ten minutes. Ah, Spring . . .

One of the best dining rues in Lyon

 Colorful but Not Real

Nice Touch

Also Colorful, Also Not Real

Only . . .

More days left until my weekend in Paris!

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