Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Post Game Monday Blues


1902 Swiss Hornusser Association is founded.

1903 Future Italian Facist dictator Benito Mussolini moves to Bern for a few months.

1908 Theodor Tobler creates Toblerone.

1913-15 Lenin, co-founder of the USSR, lives in Bern.

1938 Heinrich Harrer is the first man to conquer the North Face of the Eiger.


This blog was visited 6,985 times last month by people from 117 countries.

My Top Ten "Exotic Visiting Countries" list for the month, in alphabetical order, are Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Nanibia, Qatar, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Monday was a day to do laundry as I battled depression over Sunday's loss to LUCAF, we could have played better. It was time to start preparation for next Sunday's game against the first place 5-0 Basel Meanmachine.

In the afternoon, I ventured into town to buy the daily supplies when I came across an unusual sound of bells in a residential area . . .

Goats with bells

What do you do when your vacant lot has become overgrown with spring weeds?

Simple, let a small herd of goats inside your fences and let them have at it for a few days. 

Still, the sound of the bells is soothing

At the U-19 practice,
the cows were out as well

A little Pass Blocking action by the U-19s

The two U-16 and U-19 practices Monday night were a great aid in getting me mentally back on a positive track.

Merci/Danke Tigers!