Tuesday, May 29, 2012

EuroBall Updates


In Geneva back in 1954, Dr. Philippe-Guy Woog invented the Broxodent. This was the name of the world's first electric toothbrush. It was not battery operated so you had to plug it into an electric outlet. I so enjoy the Swiss' love of adventure!

Tuesday was the start of A LOT of house cleaning in preparation for Laurie's arrival to Helvetica this Friday. I had to mix that with a good amount of film study for this week's very tough game against the physical 6-0 LUCAF Owls at home.

EuroBall Updates

First, CONGRATULATIONS to the Catania Elephants! They defeated the 2-8 Bergamo Lions 42-27 at home last Sunday to improve their record to 9-1 in the Italian Football League's top division. This victory locks up the regular season championship for the Red and Black thus giving Sicily's favorite team a first round BYE in the upcoming six team playoffs and a guaranteed home game in their semi-final contest.

Catania finishes their regular season with a home game this coming Sunday against the 7-3 Milan Rhinos.

In Sweden, the now 2-2 Hässleholm Hurricanes had a rough weekend dropping a game on the road to the also now 2-2 Ystad Rockets by a final tally of 26-13. This Saturday the Hurricanes will be on the road again taking on another 2-2 team, the Limhamn Griffins.

Now, as for you favorite Swiss team . . .

NLB Week #10 Results:
LUCAF 23 - Geneva 0
BYES: Basel, Fribourg, Luzern and Thun

NLB Standings:
Basel Meanmachine 6-0
LUCAF Owls 6-0
Luzern Lions 4-3
Thun Tigers 2-4
Geneva Seahawks 1-6
Fribourg Cardinals 0-6

Week #11 Games
Sunday, June 3, 2012
LUCAF (6-0) at Thun (2-4)
Geneva (1-6) at Fribourg (0-6)
Basel (6-0) at Luzern (4-3)


Anonymous said...

When does Lucaf and Basel play? Are they supposed to play each other twice?

George said...

In another great piece of Swiss scheduling, they play each other the last two weekends of the season. If they finish as the top two teams after those two games then they play again a third straight weekend in the NLB Championship game.

The winner of that that game plays the last place, #6 team from the NLA in a relegation game.

Again, American football scheduling is the ONLY disorganized thing in Swiss culture that I can find.

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I actually coached for 4 years in the Superserien. Great blog.

George said...

What team?

Anonymous said...

I was the HC for Limhamn in 05 and the HC for Orebro 2006-2009 before I left for a grad asst position in WV. I actually live up north from you in Sacramento. I would like to do one day what you are doing. I guess until I retire I get to live it through your blog.

Anonymous said...

And just as I hit the send button I realized how old I'm getting. Make that -95 and -96 - 99 instead. Seems like yesterday.

George said...

We'll hook up when I get back home for sure.