Friday, April 4, 2008

Vienna's Statues

The Austrians loved to beat things to death with huge clubs apparently!

The Monument Against War and Facism

A very moving place, this is a symbolic Jew on his knees scrubbing off anti-Nazi graffiti with a toothbrush., something that really happened early on to humiliate Jews. The space between the two slabs of stone represent the entry to a concentration camp. VERY SOBERING!

Is that a land shark he's trying to spear?

Was Abner Doubleday Austrian?

Me and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart hanging out at the Palace Garden.

Looks like Austrian football fans are jumping on the Elephant bandwagon!

The Monument to the Plague

The little fellow has a mean look on his face as he sends the old naked woman, symbolizing the plague into the abyss.

Where the Hell is my club?

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