Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Of Gargoyles and Heraldry

I've always liked gargoyles, those medieval rain gutter spouts that are so common here in Prague. Your choices were crazy looking humans (probably special teams players) or equally crazed animals. Tough choice but I'll take the humans ones.

Suicide human dive bomber?

You can't go wrong with a dragon gargoyle motif!

A more modern twist to gargoyles on the Czech Republic's Parliament Building

Why don't we start doing these in America? Not as cumbersome as the old stone ones but still effective and a good conversation piece. Can someone call the Home Depot for me in Camarillo?

Heraldry has always fascinated me. Maybe it was all those very cool 1950's movies about knights, the Crusades or Prince Valiant. I love the color and boldness of the symbols. What would yours look like and why did you pick the symbols you did?

Found at Police Headquarters near he Old Town Square

No they didn't ask me for my papers.

On a building in the Old Town Square

On the sleeve of an on-duty guard at the Prague Palace

In St. Vitus Cathedral

On a building just outside the entry gates to the Prague Castle

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