Monday, April 7, 2008

The Fiat 500 and the Italian Driving Experience

The sexy, new Fiat 500 overlooking Italy's Amalfi Coast

The not so sexy, old George overlooking Italy's original Fiat 500

Special thanks go out to David Lassen for sending me a New York Times article on the new 2008 version of the Italian car classic Fiat 500. Fiat has started to produce the 500 after a 33 year absence from the marketplace. The article explains a lot about how Italian driving techniques evolved which, from what I have seen, are uniquely different from any other country in the known universe!

If I can scrape together the $16,000 asking price , who knows, I may be the owner of one, Mt. Etna molten lava red of course. On the negative side, this purchase may require me to buy large quantities of extra virgin olive oil to get in and out of my new chariot!

To read the full article, click HERE.


DPLassen said...

Glad you liked the article. If you can't manage the $16,000 for the new Cinquecento, I bet you can get one of the original ones for much less -- and you could bring it back to the USA in your carry-on luggage, too.

George said...

sYou think one would weigh less than the 10 kilo carry-on allowance?