Saturday, April 12, 2008

South Korean Wins Duel in Acireale

One of the highlights of the World Fencing Championships held in nearby Acireale was the much anticipated duel between Gu Bon of South Korea, on the left, and Bustamonte of Argentina.  I have had some trouble uploading this vlog to you from our internet at Malibu, but going back to Davide's office today was like cracking into the NATO computer system atthe U.S.Navy's Sigonella Base near Catania...INCREDIBLE SPEED by comparison!

As you can only imagine I was torn between my friendship for Shi Young Kim who hails from South Korea and all my cousins who live in Argentina.  It was tough watching this titanic but mercifully quick duel! 

To recap, a match is won by the first fencer to reach 5 touches.  ENJOY THE ACTION!

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