Monday, April 28, 2008

IFL Web Site Translations

I am constantly teased about my use of Spanish-English-Italian (SpEngIt?). I am trying but I felt a lot better about myself after both Gayle Hicks and David Lassen e-mailed me about the IFL web site's English translation of yesterday's action.

Read on and tell me what you think. I am sure this is what I sound like to my Italian friends...SORRY!!!

Sunday 27 April 2008 "One game practically perfect delivery one Victoria important to the Giants Bolzano against the Acufon Lions Bergamo 34-3 in the big match of the fifth day of the IFL. Able heads of household to go to single sign with a field goal against one defended indeed unsurpassable, well instead the attack of Bolzano with the usual Reggie Greene between the protagonists. The numerous absent between the rows of the natives of Bergamo are not enough sure in order to explain a round defeat therefore against a direct adversary for the summit of classify. Great test of the Giants that is once again demonstrates to you to the enemy public number one for the Lions and that they have been able to face the contest with a decidedly better approach. Above all the defense of Bolzano it has known to close every passage to elemetti the gold that in two circumstances is arrives you to one manciata of yard from end the zones without succeeding to close. And if the attack of Bergamo suffered, that one of Bolzano has made an optimal job is with the race that with the passages. Hour the Lions will be of new in field Wednesday 30 opens them for the recovery of the contest against the Epipoli Rhinos Milan. A contest that will serve also to understand how much the bergmaschi will be in a position to resuming itself from this defeat. Cestitico score, instead, for the contest between the Corsari Palermo and the Elephants Catania that 57-74 for the catanesi ends that confirm square IFL with the best attack. However also the heads of household have been protagonists of a beautiful test in attack but two drive capacities a.termine have not made the difference in a contest in which the respective ones defended they have endured the units remarkablly offensives."


Monello said...

Was that English I just read?

Maybe suggest someone translate 1that page for the gringos.

74 pts!!! The ball MUST be juiced. Does Roger C. have an interest in the IFL???

George said...

Actually, we should be playing in the Arena League