Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

Salvo, our waiter at Il Porticciolo Ristorante

Last Saturday night we drove over to Capomulini, about 5 minutes north of Malibu, for one last dinner out with Lynn and Wayne before they left Sicily.  At our ristorante that overlooked the water, we ran into a little chaos when the menu was only in Italian and Wayne and Lynn were having trouble both understanding it and deciding what they wanted.

Our waiter, Salvo, spoke very little English and grew very frustrated.  After finally getting their order he turned to me with a look of here we go again.  I quickly responded by using my best Italian to order "Spaghetti al Nero".  This is the traditional Sicilian black cuddle fish ink sauce spaghetti that I have grown to love.  He went crazy with my decisive choice in cuisine, came around the table, shook my hand and we, of course, exchanged the traditional Italian cheek kisses.  My self-esteem took a big jump!

For some strange reason I've always wanted a shot at being a transporter in a hospital.

I got my chance yesterday at the Morgagni Clinic Hospital in Catania wheeling Gustavo around between the attending physician and the X-ray technician.

Dr. J checking out Gustavo's X-rays whilr holding his ice pack.

Final diagnosis: Gustavo suffered a break just below the knee that will require a full leg cast for 30 days.  It kills me to have this happen to one of our hardest working and most dedicated Elephants.

The pizza oven at Pizzeria Pellegrino in Aci Trezza

Last night we tried a new spot for pizza that Gustavo suggested...GREAT CALL!  I had a mozzarella, gorgonzola and prosciutto crudo pizza that might be the best tasting one I've ever had!  How could it not be when it came out of the oven that is the mouth of the Sicilian Ciclopi. 


The coastline in Aci Castello and Aci Trezza is mostly made up of volcanic rock formations and are not sandy beaches like we have in California.  The great thing about these beaches is the lack of sand makes for absolutely crystal clear water.  During the last few weeks workers have been very busy building lidos at the beach.  Lidos are wooden decks built over the rocks, you can actually see a large one to the right sticking through the lido.  These will give people in the summer a great spot to eat and drink by the sea and still do some very interesting people watching.

Lido's have great views of the Ionian Sea!

Ad of the Day?

O.K., I know that this is not really an advertisement but just a picture I took on my one hour walk through Aci Trezza this morning.

That being said, I am thinking about going down to the offices of the Aci Trezza Tourism Board and offering this photograph for their upcoming "Visit Sicily in the Summer of 2008" campaign.  What do you think?

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