Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lazy Traveling Around Sicily

The last few days have been lazy days around Catania as winter continues it's metamorphosis into spring. It has been a mixture of football and sightseeing as we welcomed Christie's mother Lynn and her friend Wayne who are visiting Sicilia this week.

Lynn and Christie at Nino Mannino's for dinner Saturday night.

Wayne, Lynn, Christie and Jason at the aptly named Playa Beach with Mt. Etna in the background on Monday

The same company that builds Vespas builds these rugged three wheeled trucks.

The Benedictine Cloister next to the 12th Century Monreale Cathedral 

Another angle of the Benedictine Cloister

Palermo's famed Vucciria Market

Palermo's Cathedral

Palermo's Cathedral from another view

Palermo's Fontana Pretoria, once called the "Fountain of Shame" because of it's nude statues.

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Terry said...

Hi George - For some reason I love those cloistered courtyards. I love the ones in California - San Luis Obispo and another one I can't remember the name of. Also the one at Westminster London. I think the ones in Italy will give them a run for their money though.