Friday, April 18, 2008

A Great Beach Day and More

We finished another great week living in Aci Castello with a trip today to the beach at Letojanni, near Taormina, about 30 minutes north of Malibu.

Our game this week, the home opener, was originally scheduled for Sunday but was moved to Saturday at 3:00 p.m. due to a scheduling conflict with the rugby team that shares our home turf at Stadio Santa Maria Goretti.  The field has a natural grass surface and is in excellent shape.

Our opponents are the Palermo Sharks (0-2) led by their fine QB from Mexico, Arturo Sanchez. This is the team we scrimmaged about 5 weeks ago when my bride Laurie was still here in Sicily. Their QB is accurate on his short passes and runs well on bootleg passes.

We must play well tomorrow as the Sharks record is somewhat deceiving. Their two losses were to the Bologna Doves (2-0) 24-25 in overtime last week  and to the Palermo Corsari (2-1) 21-30. So they have lost twice by a total of 10 points to two teams that have a combined record of 4-1! They are much improved over the team we scrimmaged so we will have to play well to stay in the playoff hunt.

No Ad-of-the-Day Nominations today so as to keep Jason's sister Heather happy for 24 hours. Don't worry boys, I promise to check out the farmacias for more experimental women's beauty products!

Cool and refreshing water fountains are all over Italy

After much groveling, Christie got Jonathan of Jonathan's Pannini Stand to give her one of their traditional red felpas

Mortadella, Senator Strano's Favorite Luncheon Meat

A large baloney type sausage made of pork meat with bits of pork fat, whole peppercorns and pistacchio nuts.

My Malibu housemates, Jason and Christie, after the Bergamo game

Lunch today at the Ristoranti Mezza Luna in Letojanni 

Not quite as good as Christie's home cooking but well worth it nonetheless.

Christie and Jason outside the Mezza Luna after eating swordfish, the official seafood of the 2008 World Fencing Championships held in Acireale last week

As for me, I'll have a Birra Moretti please!

We liked this beach just outside the Mezza Luna

Taormina was just up the road so we had to stop for a gelato and, oh yeah, Jason got our first parking ticket for parking on the street in the Avis Rent-a-Car return line.

Please add 36 euros to the cost of our 2 euro gelatos.

I can't say enough about the Taormina area

Jason wants to buy this island and move here permanently

Blood Orange Gelato in Taormina

Is their a better way to end a day at the beach?


Anna said...

Insider information if not already known. Europe especially the southern countries are well known to have numerous running fountains because of the heat. Running water makes the area around feel cooler and it also tells your mind it is not as bloody hot as it actually is. A little tid bit I learned while living in Spain. Good luck tomorrow

George said...

As I understand it, in a few more weeks we are going to REALLY need to feel a whole lot cooler! Anna, I'll see you by the fountain!