Friday, April 11, 2008

Post Practice Shenanigans

After practice Thursday night, we decided to go down to the Piazza Bellini and enjoy a very pleasant Spring evening in "all our glory".

The first thing that struck my eye was these new statues circling the Piazza that were drumming up business for an art show at La Ciminiere.  They were all oversized and interesting.

This "Thinker" made me wonder,
what if we ever had a practice and everyone showed up?

Blue Man Group on tour?

Sometimes beer IS the answer

While roaming the Piazza who do we run into?

None other than Elefanti starting CB
Massimiliano Garipoli "Call Me Smith"

Christie with me on my "Hog" posing for the June cover of the
Sicilian Chopper Gazzette

I know she's a little young for me but
we're in love and that's what matters! had to be there

Late night at Jonathan's Pannini Stand

Apparently Federico Fellini was shooting a film just down the street, how else can I explain these two at Jonathan's?

As if on cue, at the end of my "100th Day in Europe" celebration, Jonathan himself motioned me secretly to come to the back of the stand where he gave us each one of his coveted "Panineria Jonathan Loyal Customer Hats"!

Perhaps THE most memorable moment to date!

I was finally able to upload one of my two vlogs from yesterday's World Fencing Championships.  Enjoy this one and I'll keep trying to upload the other one.

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