Monday, April 21, 2008

Andy and Jenn Get ENGAGED in Roma!

Our 34 year old son Andrew, who lives in Las Vegas, and his girlfriend Jenn flew to Roma for a vacation. Before I arrived in Roma today to spend a few days with the two of them, Andrew had asked Jenn to marry him and she said YES!

He proposed to her on the very romantic Spanish Steps here in Roma. We are all very happy for them and, of course, their English bulldog Blitz!

Roma's Spanish Steps

The exact spot where he proposed

Same spot, different angle

The happy couple in front of St. Peter's Basilica

By Michelangelo's Pieta

In front of St. Peter's main altar

Andrew next to a very large statue of St. Andrew

Gregorian Chant during Mass at St. Peter's Basilica


J TWICE said...

Congrats! Glad to see it all came together! And what's a visit to Rome without going to the Vatican! (George: have they given you a 'frequent visitor card' yet?)


J. Twice

Gayleannie said...

Aunt Gayle, Uncle David, Lyndsey, Craig, Tim, Amy and Scott

Terry said...

It is such an exciting time. My youngest son got married last August and they got engaged in Paris. Nothing ordinary about this new generation. I was engaged in my home town - how about you?


Laurie said...

George: You did great with the "reporting" and the pictures of the Happy Couple. Thanks! Wish I could have been there. Give my love to both of them.


George said...


We got engaged in our town after a faculty basketball game fundraiser in Thousand Oaks, CA. It was love not romance I'm now sorry to say!

George said...


Catholics don't need a frequent visitor card to visit St. Peter's.