Saturday, April 19, 2008

Palermo Sharks at Catania Elephants

WOW! Another crazy shootout! As predicted, the Palermo Sharks have vastly improved since our scrimmage 5 weeks ago. Their QB, Arturo Sanchez, played great. He was very accurate on his short passes and got rid of the ball very quickly. The Sharks' offensive line also played well allowing only one sack but it was a big one for us at the end of the game on a 4th down of their final drive to seal the win. 

Defensively the sharks also played inspired football applying great pressure to Jason all game long. The Sharks coaching staff is doing an excellent job making their team better each week.

The Score by Quarters was:
1st Quarter: Catania 13-7
Half Time: Palermo 27-25
3rd Quarter: Catania 33-27
Final Score: Catania 41-34

For the Elephants, Jason Johnson, our QB, threw for 4 TD's and also ran one in for 6 opoints on an 11 yards scamper.

Claudio Mangano was a key receiver for the third straight game catching 7 passes for 152 yards. and our 2 second half TD's.

Gregorio Barbagallo had 3 catches for 51 yards and 2 TD's.

Matt Epperson had 3 catches for 66 yards and returned a kickoff for a TD. His one run after a catch that he took to the 1 millemicron line was his excellent impression of a whirling dervish!

Salvo Persano, our punter, made a key play getting the punt off after the snap went over his head. The Sharks muffed the punt and we recovered it, so potential disaster turned into a big play for the Elephants!

Our kickoff and kickoff return teams played so much better today, it was great to see!

Defensively we played extremely well in the 2nd half, holding the Sharks to only 1 TD on 6 possessions. The big key was holding them scoreless in the 3rd quarter. I was very proud of how the team implemented our half time adjustments.

Shout outs to our WARRIOR Brandon Bennett who only left the field for about 15 plays all day! Cristiano Marra did a fine job filling in at Free safety most of the 2nd half and I can't say enough about Marco Raino's effort at nose and defensive end. The two Massimo's Tribulato and Garipoli (call me Smith) are getting better and better in their continued baptism under fire. I also thought Salvo Siculi at LB and Tony the Pony Gulisano at Falcon had great 2nd halves. Finally, Fabio Scuto at defensive end had THE big play of the game getting our only QB sack for minus 15 yards on a 4th down that wound up being their last play of the game.

Another hard fought game, we hung in there and got our 2nd victory of the season, 41-34! As always, check Jason's blog for video highlights of the game.

Our concessions man getting ready for the home opener.

Actually no, but not far from the truth. During the game the older gentleman selling concessions on our side of the field apparently had his cell phone die, so he spent about 5 minutes screaming across the field to his youthful assistant selling on the other side of the stadium, it was quite annoying!

Simona and Christie, Pink Elephant early outs!

Pietro, Davide's brother-in-law, helping with administrative duties before the game.

Christie and Giordana, Pink Elephants on parade

Nicolo, our video man and junior team QB

Take a long look at that belt buckle!

Giulio Romano, offensive guard and pre-game fashion plate!

QB Jason Johnson embracing the first ice we've seen in almost 4 months!

Someone said they ran it down straight from the slopes of Mt. Etna...I do not know. 

OLB Gianmarco Pecoraro with one of his Palermo buddies before the game.

Malibu housemates under the fisheye before the game

Some say this is a picture of both Giulio Romano and Brandon Bennett running on the same play...IMPOSSIBLE!


This one's for you Jimbo!

Oh, and Heather, she has clothes on this time.

I don't make this stuff up, I just record it for posterity!

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