Friday, April 25, 2008

Valeria's Birthday BBQ

Today is a national holiday in Italy, Liberation Day. As I understand it, this is the day that Italy was liberated from Fascist rule by the Allies at the end of World War II.

This holiday Friday was used to have a birthday party-BBQ for the original Pink Elephant, Valeria who is dating our TE Pepe Strano. Valeria was celebrating her second 15th birthday and had a great time with her family and friends.

The shindig was held at Valeria's family summer house in the foothills of Mt. Etna in a town named Puntalazzo.

As with all Sicilian BBQ's, copious amounts of meat, wines and desserts were served in bacchanalian fashion. Who was I to argue?

By the way, I'm really out of touch with American news here, can anybody tell if Obama finally married Hillary.

We meet Matt, Brandon and Claudio just off the Autostrada to caravan up the hill to the BBQ.

Claudio and Roberta arrived on this awesome Ducati!

Valeria's Hillside House

At the BBQ, Davide and Daniella's new son,
Alessandro, made his social debut.

Me with Valeria, a.k.a., Pink Elephant #1 and The Birthday Girl

I thought this was Valeria's sister, imagine my shock to find out she was Valeria's mother!

At Sicilian BBQ's the men have to check their cell phones at the door.

Let the feast begin!

Ahh, Fromaggio


Sausages, Pork Steaks and Involtini, OH MY!

Anyone up for Pork Lard as an antipasto?

Roberta was VERY hungry!

She is also a GREAT jump roper we found out today.

Sicilian Grill Masters at Work

Social gatherings are a Sicilian staple on holidays

Just Chillin' in Sicilia

Mt. Etna is always looming in the background during our BBQ's.

Fat and Sassy Elephants sighted at the end of the Feast

Renato, our Defensive Co-Captain, showing he can keep up with Roberta's jump roping skills!

On the walk to the car we spotted this proud Sicilian horticulturist hard at work.

Why does everybody have firewood outside their door today?

On the drive home through Acireale, we saw
the world's smallest license plate.

The only way I could have been happier today was if my bride, Laurie, was in town.


Educ520-AnnaH said...

Oregon's vote is actually going to count. The whole Clinton family has visited us in the last month and Bill is here again this weekend. My office even pulled some strings and we were able to personally meet Bill back stage at one of his events. But the fight still goes on. I have decided to flip a coin.

Oh and tell Brandon that if he doesn't shave his face that there could be a very good chance I don't even get off the plane.

Brandon said...

This post alone convinced me that I need to get to Sicily. Still need a nose guard?

George said...


If you have a European passport then we could use you!