Thursday, April 17, 2008

Catania Fish Market

After 107 days in Europe, we finally took a trip this morning into Catania to make our first foray into the OUTSTANDING fish market near the Piazza Duomo.  Fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, all good for me and oh so cheap to buy!  We will be returning often, so much for my Cityper Supermarket rewards points.

Catania IS a seaport after all, so our frutti di mare choices are varied and wonderful!

Why didn't anybody tell me my dorsal fin was so small?

I am absolutely in love with parmesan cheese!

Not just the grated kind but HUGE chunks of it at a time.  Santa, please bring me an entire wheel for Christmas this year!

CASTRATO?...3 Euros?

What's up with this?

Debi, does that look like a Greyhound to you?

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Bell Peppers are a solid food source too!

Peppers, peppers, peppers

Christie makes a TREMENDOUS balsamic vinegar, olive oil and tomato salad.

I love this guy!

I'm not so sure about chickens anymore.

Personally, I like my lard with the red pepper even though most Sicilians prefer the traditional black pepper.

The Final Product, Lunch ala Christie!

All of our fish market shopping led to this GREAT lunch!

Fresh baked bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.
Asparagus sauteed with garlic and lemon.
Green beans sauteed with balsamic vinegarette.
Parmesan cheese grated on everything in sight.
Finally involtini was our main course.  Involtini is breaded, thinly cut veal wrapped around prosciutto and cheese.  The word WOW! comes to mind.
Water to drink please...Naturale, No Gas!

All this at a cost of about 3 euros per person!  I LOVE Sicily!!!


Monello said...

You need to go back to the same market in late July. Preferably an hour before it closes. Then savor the 'aromas' coming from each bancarella.

Hey are they still using sticks with strips of plastic on them to shoo away the flies from the non refrigerated meats?

Makes me hungry for some carne di cavadu.

Have a canoli for me.

George said...

Yes, they still use the sticks with plastic for the flies, I even saw one motorized into a rotating fan!

If you mean carne di cavallo, yes they have some of the sweetest around.

Monello said...

Cavaddu is the local way to pronounce horse. I spelt it wrong the first time, as it always had a double d.

We use to tell the Americans that the mortadella was made with horse meat.

How come you never show any pictures of pollo girarrosto? Now that is some good eats! Also try the pepato fresco. No the black things in yhe cheese aren't rabbit turds.