Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Roman Scenes

What are the odds of finding a non-Catholic church in Rome?

Anglicans are into beheadings, who isn't?

"You don't say"

The Trevi Fountain

The book "Eat, Pray, Love" highly recommends the Gelateria di San Cripino near the Trevi Fountain

Who am I to argue?

Love and the Pantheon, what more do you want?

Sometimes traveling alone does get lonely.

Kelly green is going to be VERY in this season!

The Bernini Fountain

More Pantheon!

Have I ever mentioned that this is my favorite building in Rome?

Hermes is the newest sponsor of the Catania Elephants!

The now more special Spanish Steps

Romans Love Their Water

Castel Sant'Angelo

St. Michael atop Castel Sant'Angelo

Supposedly, a Pope had a vision of the Archangel Micheal saying a plague was over, so the Pope had this statue erected and placed on top of the Castel. The fact that Michael is sheathing his sword symbolizes the end of this particular plague.


DPLassen said...

Ahh, Gelateria San Crispino ... definitely in the top three in my Gelato power rankings. I always like the New York Times article on display outside the front door. Of course, I like the gelato better.

George said...

It took me three trips to finally find it, but it was well worth it!

DPLassen said...

The important question: What flavor did you go with?

George said...

It was warm, so I went with the safe pick by which I rate all gelaterias, limone. I was treated to a flavor EXPLOSION!

WOW, I was very happy that my pilgrimage was not in vain.

Later that evening I stopped there again for their stracciaitella, DOUBLE WOW!!