Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Naples and Pizza

Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Highly recommended by the book "Eat, Pray, Love" as he best pizza in Naples and maybe the world is the pizza at L'Antiga Pizzeria da Michele. Many say it is the BEST pizza in all of Italy including my Malibu housemates who ate here about a month ago. It WAS pretty darn good!

Naples is Italy's second biggest and probably it's grittiest city. I don't think you really want to visit here too long. On our walk to the pizzeria, we even saw a guy with a small table set up asking people to bet on his version of the old shell game. He used 3 small dinner bells to hide the pea instead of shells. I've seen this scam in movies but never first hand. I tried to get a picture but he got real defensive. I thought it best to move, but I wish I had Jason's zoom lens to take the shot from a SAFE distance!

Greatness is often unassuming!

The Oven Where the Magic Happens

The menu is simple, kind of the In-n-Out of Italian Pizzerias. Two choices, Margharita or Pomodoro with no cheese. we each opted for a large Margharitas with dopio fromaggio (double cheese and a bottled Coke to wash it down . We were VERY happy with our choice.

Live footage of the pizza-fest at
L'Antiga Pizzeria da Michele's.

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