Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another Day Indoors for the Most Part

Tuesday, 21 May, 2019

It was another day dedicated to Skorpions football and the preparation work for our final game of the regular season this coming Saturday night at home.

Of course, I took a break to find out what was up with the . . .

. . . the culinary delights of today's
Il Giro d'Italia stage

Starting your race day in Modena with some balsamic vinegar is always a good thing before biking to Ravenna!

Back to work

The Mastifs, in gray, are big and . . .


Regardless of their record, this will be a tough match up for our team due to our contrasting styles.

After spending a good deal of time on HUDL, it was time for two Skorpions practices tonight.

Our U17 Flag team
installing a play vs. air

Our undefeated (6-0) squad heads to Grosetto (in Tuscany) on June 1-2, for the National Championships as the tournament's #2 seed.

 U17 starting QB Mathias Masini
launching a bomb to WR Filippo Petrillo

Prima Squadra back-up
QB Mathias Masini going deep to
WR Martino Piazzi

Yes, Mathias was busy tonight.

Thank goodness that this year's National Flag Championships (U17, U15 and U13, all in Grosetto) are scheduled the weekend of the DII playoff bye week.

Last year they were held the same weekend as the DII Wild Card games creating logistical headaches for our squads to be sure.

Dashing new jacket

Thanks to the intercession of Skorpions' LB/DL Ivan "Swito" Raso, I am the newest member of the Alfa Romeo race car team.

I am in charge of awarding motivational decals for the drivers' helmets if they perform at high levels.

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