Friday, May 31, 2019

Football Thursday

Thursday, 30 May, 2019

In the morning we made a quick trip into Varese via bus to do a little bartering.

While Laurie had a couple of clothes items on her shopping list . . .

. . . I was being a bit more pragmatic
in my approach to the morning

Nothing to see here, keep moving.

Speaking of moving . . .

I guess if you are scheduled to ride
a bicycle 138 miles/222 kilometers
today, you can eat anything you want

The dates and times of the Wild Card round
of the DII playoffs were released today

The winners will play one of the top four seeds in the quarter-finals the weekend of June 15-16. The top four seeds all have Wild Card round byes.

The #11 Sarzana Red Jackets (3-5) at #6 Padova Saints (7-1) winner will travel to play the #3 seeded Roma Pretoriani (7-1).

The #9 Ferrara Aquile (4-4) at #8 Brescia Bengals (4-4) victor plays at the home of the #1 seeded Milano Rhinos (8-0).

The survivor of the #12 Canavese Mastifs (3-5) at #5 Verona Mastini (7-1) dog fight will be on the road against the #4 seeded Reggio Emilia Hogs (7-1).

The winner of our #10 Palermo Sharks (3-5) at #7 Varese Skorpions (6-2) contest will play a Group A road rematch with the #2 seeded Cernusco Daemons (7-1).

In the evening we had a full slate of Skorpion practices.

The #2 seeded U17s were going through
their final paces before heading to Grosetto
for the National Championship Flag
Tournament this weekend

The Women's Flag team
doing footwork drills 

 U15s flag tackling
with Sammy tackling Il Dottore . . .

. . . and Sammy about to be
tackled by Melissa

Emma pensive about the next phase
of the U13's Flag practice

The U17s scrimmaged the Women
seen here in slo-mo

The Prima Squadra doing
2-on-2 pass drills

We had good, spirited practices tonight by all of the teams.

Practice hard, PLAY HARD!

Tomorrow Laurie and I will board the Pullman bus for the long ride to Grosetto in the heart of Tuscany to watch our U17s quest for a National Championship.

Go Skorpions GO!

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