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Mother's Day Can Mean But One Thing, a Women's Flag Football Tournament!

Sunday, 12 May, 2019

First and foremost, a . . .

to my Mom, Chuny Contreras!

Today's featured event in the wonderful world of Varese Skorpions American football was the second four team, three game Group A Women's Flag football tournament in Bienate, about a 45 minute drive south from the Villa Scorpion II.

Our hosts were the Busto Arsizio Tempste.


 But first we stopped at the
Pasticceria Marabelli for the mandatory
cappuccino and brioche breakfast

Their Mother's Day desserts looked AWESOME!

The snow capped Alps in the
distance as viewed from the
stadium's entrance

Prima Squadra DL Ceo
tapping Arianna's fingers

Let's set up the day's events

There are 11 clubs in Italy fielding Women's teams this season. They are divided into three Groups A, B and C for the initial stage of the campaign.

Group A held their first tournament in Grosetto on April 28th.

On that day the Lady Skorpions, the Busto Arsizio Tempeste, the Grosetto Cudere and the Torino Triadi played each other with the Skorpions, Cudere and Tempeste all going 2-1 while the Driadi finished 0-3.

Game 1
Skorpions vs. Grosetto Cudere (Ants)
April 28th Result: Cudere 41 - Skorpions 14

 Warm-ups on the side field

 And the tournament begins

QB Sofia
Il Braccio d'Oro

 Go Agnese GO!

Even the ball boy was excited on this play.

Marta had a GREAT day!

The Skorpion fans were having fun

The ball boy seeing which ball
Il Braccio d'Oro wants to use
Catch me if you can

Staying warm on a windy day

 Marta driving for a . . .


marta, Marta, MARTA!

Nice catch by Marta

Laura makes the tackle

 Good coverage on Defense

 Margherita pressuring the QB

Marta again . . .

. . . finishing the same play


 Bombs Away!

Go for it Tex!

Aggressive Defense vs. the Cudere's
stacked receiver set

 Swing route to Marta

Is she going to . . .

. . . score again?

 Ballet in the Secondary

 This Cudere receiver easily won the
Best Hair Style of the Tournament Award

QB Sofia on defense . . .

 . . . breaking up a deep pass

That did it . . .

The Skorpions WON 39-14!

Time to . . .
. . . kick up your heels and

It was a solid win but calm down a bit ladies, we still have two more games today.

Game 2
Skorpions vs. Torino Driadi (Wood Nymphs)
April 28th Result: Skorpions 42 - Driadi 12

I love their logo!

The field looked more barren
from the this sideline

 Tex is open again

Tex made the catch is is on her own,

Tanya splitting the Driadi
zone defenders

Arianna and Laura
closing in on Defense

Marta striding out

Laura making a GREAT play!

 No fluke, Laura does it again

Margherita in Hot Pursuit

Laura also plays Offense . . .

. . . quite well actually

Marta puts a move on a Driadi

 The ball boy amidst amazing athletes

 Tanya in traffic

 Good luck catching her

 Tex looking tired, she rarely
leaves the field

 Skorpion fans were still with us

 Tanya at Center, Sofia at QB
and Marta at TE

Italian flag football, for both sexes, is played with just five players on a field that is about 25 yards wide.

 Sofia going DEEP to Agnese

 Sofia going short to Tanya

 Throwback Swing Route

Agnese with a great shoe-string

Daughter-Father moment

Arianna and her Dad Dani, the Prima Squadra's Defensive Coordinator, enjoying the afterglow of another Skorpions victory.

Final Score: Skorpions 39 - Driadi 13

Saw this poster in the Stadio's Bar

The 1984 Busto Frogs were one of the great teams in Italian American football history.

They went 13-0 that championship season out scoring their opponents 312-73.

Our own Master Chef and Defensive LB/Line Coach Giorgio Nardi was the star LB of that fabled team.

Game 3
Skorpions vs. Busto Arsizio Tempeste
April 28th Result: Skorpions 37 - Tempeste 6

The Busto Arsizio men's team is known as the Blue Storm so the Tempeste makes sense for their ladies club, I guess.

First problem was the realization that we were both wearing white jerseys. NO PROBLEM, the Skorpions brought their red jerseys just for an occasion like this one.

 defense, Defense, DEFENSE!

Just a bit outside

Still surviving

Tex still grinding away

A bomb just out of Tex's reach

Chiara drawing a crowd

As does this Tempeste receiver

 Somebody really needs to cover her

 Marta is loose in the secondary again

Tex showing off her awesome
vertical jumping ability

 At half time Volo helping me get
a sizing to possibly convert mini-soccer
goals like these into blocking chutes

 Sofia rolling out during the
Skorpions final half of the day

Tex for yet another Six Points

The Joy of Victory!

Final Score: Skorpions 33 - Tempeste 13

What a great day for our Women!

Now, we are 5-1 in Group A play and in sole possession of first place!

Up next for the Women's squad is a two day tournament in Bergamo on Saturday and Sunday, June 15-16, that will bring together all 11 of Italia's Femminile teams for some inter-Group play.

The Skorpions will play the Trieste Ranzide and Parma Panthers on Saturday and the Palermo Mustangs and Palermo Sharks on Sunday.


The smiles on our ladies' faces
made being a ball boy today worth it

It's a tough and dangerous job but someone has to do it!

A field next to the Stadio and our
cars parking spot

Amber waves of grain inspiration?

After a great day of Skorpion Flag football, there is only one thing left to do . . .

. . . a fun Team Bonding pizza dinner
at the Ristorante alle Fontanelle!

Time again for our weekly update of what happened across Italia in DII American football action.

There were six games on the slate 
this weekend with seven DII teams
enjoying bye weeks


Group A

Group A Week #10 Results
Milano Rhinos (6-0) 33
Varese Gorillas (2-4) 7

Canavese Mastifs (2-3) 13
Busto Arsizio Blue Storms (0-7) 6

Group A Standings
1. Milano Rhinos 6-0
2. Cernusco Daemons 5-1
3. Varese Skorpions 4-2
4. Palermo Sharks 3-3
5. Brescia Bengals 3-4
6T. Canavese Mastifs 2-3
6T. Desio Hammers 2-3
8. Varese Gorillas 2-4
9. Busto Arsizio Blue Storms 0-7

Group A Week #11 Schedule
Saturday, May 18th
Varese Skorpions (4-2) at
Varese Gorillas (2-4)

Cernusco Daemons (5-1) at
Palermo Sharks (3-3)

Milano Rhinos (6-0) at
Canavese Mastifs (2-3)

Desio Hammers (2-3) at
Brescia Bengals (3-4)

Busto Arsizio Blue Storms (0-7)

Group B

Group B Week #10 Results
Padova Saints (5-1) 21
Verona Mastini (6-1) 20

Ferrara Aquile (3-4) 6
Castelfranco Cavaliers (1-5) 0

Group B Standings
1. Verona Mastini 6-1
2. Padova Saints 5-1
3. Ferrara Aquile 3-4
4T. Castelfranco Cavaliers 1-5
4T. Isonzo Sentinels 1-5 

Group B Week #11 Schedule
Saturday, May 18th
Ferrara Aquile (3-4) at
Isonzo Sentinels (1-5)

Padova Saints (5-1) at
Castelfranco Cavaliers (1-5)

Verona Mastini (6-1)

Group C

Group C Week #10 Results
Roma Pretoriani (5-1) 27
Reggio Emilia Hogs (6-1) 14

Sarzana Red Jackets (2-5) 36
Modena Vipers (1-5) 14

Group C Standings
1. Reggio Emilia Hogs 6-1
2. Roma Pretoriani 5-1
3. Bologna Braves 2-4
4. Sarzana Red Jackets 2-5
5. Modena Vipers 1-5

Group C Week #11 Schedule
Saturday, May 18th
Sarzana Red Jackets (2-5) at 
Bologna Braves (1-5)

Roma Pretoriani (5-1) at
Modena Vipers (1-5)

Reggio Emilia Hogs (6-1)

That was a LOT of American football for one day to be sure!

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