Monday, May 20, 2019

Mostly a Quiet Monday at Home Working on HUDL

Monday, 20 May, 2019

Today was dedicated to finishing up our evaluation of last Saturday's Varese Gorillas game by breaking down our individual play, tabulating our statistics and awarding performance based motivational helmet decals.

We did get some good news from FIDAF today regarding our U17 Flag team and their seeding in the National Championship Tournament in Grosetto in two weeks.

Our 6-0 U17s are ranked #2!

They will compete in Group B for
pool play in their quest for the Gold

In the mid-morning, Laurie and I took a break for first a cappuccino and mini-brioche at the Bar Semaforo and then a trip to the Panificio Ducale to purchase bread.

On the way back to the Villa Scorpion II, we took a twenty minute detour to the expansive . . .

This villa is the gaudiest of the
many large homes in our
Sant'Ambrosio neighborhood

I hate to admit it but the Villa Toeplitz is a bit grander than even the Villa Skorpion II.

A mossy tree in the
Villa Toeplitz's huge gardens

Gnarly Trees

The cemetery across the street
from the Villa Toeplitz

When our son Michael was here last month, he was fascinated by the small wall vaults visible on the upper left as you drive past on the typical Grand Prix drive down Mulini Grassi.

Mushrooms in a tree

Lots of mushrooms

Mushrooms grow quite well
in this environment it appears

A view of the front of the Villa Toeplitz
complete with an observatory

More garden flora

An evergreen with lots of . . .

. . . new growth

The backside of the Villa Toeplitz

A close-up of a
non-functioning fountain

The view from the backside
of the Villa Toeplitz

Interesting flower

That's a long decorative water
It could be mistaken for "The Blob"
on a walk through the garden at night

It was back to work after our walk in this beautiful garden to finally put the Gorillas game behind us.

Tuesday will be dedicated to more work on HUDL as we prepare for this Saturday night's final game of the regular season against the 2-4 Canavese Mastifs. We'll be at home, kicking off at the reasonable hour of 6:30 p.m.

While our spot in the DII Playoff is now assured, thanks to winning our fifth game, the Mastifs are still fighting to make the field of twelve.

They'll need to win their Week #9 make up game Wednesday night on the road against the the Desio Hammers (2-4) and beat us three nights later to get into the playoffs.

We need to take care of our business and have a good week of preparation in order to beat a dangerous, improving Mastifs squad that has won two of its last three games.

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