Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A Trip to Lago Maggiore to Celebrate Laurie's Birthday

Tuesday, 7 May, 2019

Today, this . . .

. . . mysterious young lady celebrated
yet another in a long line of birthdays

We decided to enjoy Laurie's special day with a scenic 30 minute drive to nearby Lago Maggiore.

Our first stop was in the Lago Maggiore shoreline city of Laveno.

They were having a HUGE
street market today

By sheer luck as we did not know that Laveno holds a street market every Tuesday morning, I had made Laurie's day even more perfect.

Thus we started shopping for untold treasures.

A sniper's camouflage gear
This would be the perfect gift for our little granddaughter Mary, aka, "The Pink Assassin."

While the wives were shopping,
these two were enjoying a glass
of wine and their friendship

 Lace window coverings for
our main bathroom in Camarillo

This was exactly what I was hoping to find at some time during this year's stay in Italy!

Only two Euros per panel, we
bought 15 of them to be sure to have
enough to do the job back home

Now this was becoming MY kind
of street market

But still no street tacos to be found in Lombardia.

This lady had done way more
shopping than we did

More of my kind of
Street Market Mania

Carnivores . . .

. . . of the world . . .

. . . UNITE!

It was was now after the noon hour when the Laveno street market started to close and we both realized that this intense shopping experience had made us hungry.

So, we ducked into a small ristorante near the Laveno train station for lunch.

The decor was eclectic to say the least, lets take a look.

Old English beer sign I would guess

Of course an Italian ristorante would
have a photo of "Scarface" Al Capone
on prominent display

 Cadaqués, Spain
Home of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí

Laurie and I had spent an extremely enjoyable weekend there a few years ago.

This felt more German than Italian

 Regardless of our surroundings,
the beer was cold and the pasta was good

After yet another good meal in Italia, we opted to drive north up the Lago Maggiore coastline to the city of Luino.

Interesting geological formation
seen in route to Luino

 If you read up on Italian writer
Carlo Collidi's original Pinocchio
story, you'll find that he is not the
fun loving little blockhead that Walt
Disney made him out to be in the movie

Someone's beautiful garden in Luino

Laurie in Luino sporting her brand
new scarf purchased in Laveno

 Artsy structure by Luino's entry
bathing point to Lago Maggiore

 A lonely pole

No way the Forty Thieves
fit on this boat

Good looking architecture in Luino
don't you think?

Giuseppe Garibaldi statue

I liked the lady peering out of the
window to the left of this brightly
painted building

 Another interesting Luino edifice

We headed back to Varese via a beautiful route that took us through some incredibly scenic, forested hillsides as I had two Scorpion practices to attend to in the evening.

 U16 tackle team practicing
non-contact tackling


 I like Volo's body position
on this one

Scene from the U16s scrimmage

We really need a fashion coordinator
with this group

Our Prima Squadra practice was well attended and our players were both focused and in an effort giving mood.

Good Times as we started our last bye week practices before playing the Varese Derby against the tenth ranked team in Italia's DII, the 2-3 Varese Gorillas on Saturday, May 18th.

Cross town rivalries are always emotional affairs.

Finally, some puzzling news out of Prague . . .

Coach Dan Levy

I've known of Dan for a few years now due to his amazing coaching career in EuroBall. In the past three plus years as a Head Coach on the Continent he has led his charges to a 35-4 record and three National Championships.

Last Summer we finally got to meet in person in Mexico when we coached together with the Europe Warriors in a game against the University of Chihuahua. I thought he did a splendid job as our club's Offensive Coordinator that week and I found him to be a thoroughly enjoyable young man.

This year, seeking tougher competition, his Prague Black Panthers left the Czech Republic's league to join the Austrian Football League which, along with the German Football League, is considered to be one of the two best league's in Europe.

Last Saturday his Black Panthers routed the Train Steelsharks (Steelsharks?) by a final tally of 56-8.

Today he was fired.

Strange game this American football.

Given his track record, I'm sure that he will land on his feet again sooner rather than later.

Good luck, Dan!

Finally . . .


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David said...

The only thing I can figure with Dan's firing is that someone in a position of authority took the Black Panthers and gave 49 points.

Like you, I suspect he'll find another position quickly and wish him well.