Saturday, May 11, 2019

A FUN Night of Scouting in Milano

Saturday, 11 May, 2019

We spent a quiet day at home, partly because we were both recuperating from yesterday's forced field march through Milano.

See what I mean?

If it's a Saturday night in Italia, there can only be one thing to do, go to an American football game!

There were two games tonight, both in Milano, of great interest to me.

This was the first one

A Central European Football League tournament game between two of the top ranked teams in EuroBall, the #2 Swarco Raiders Tirol from Austria and the home team, #9 Milano Seamen from Italy.

Having coached some of the current players on the Seamen with the Europe Warriors and having worked with Seamen Head Coach with the Warriors as well, I really wanted to see this fascinating matchup but . . .

Duty Before Pleasure

Our Skorpions next DII opponent was also playing in Milano and I needed to be there to scout the game, especially since their outstanding QB broke his collar bone at the very end of their win over the Busto Arsizio Blue Storms last Saturday night.

We needed to see how their team would adjust to the loss of their offensive leader.

Varese Gorillas
#10 Ranked in DII
2 Wins - 3 Losses


Milano Rhinos
#1 Ranked in DII
5 Wins - 0 Losses

It was a BEAUTIFUL night for American football!

The conditions were almost
perfect for . . .


About 15 minutes before the scheduled 6:00 p.m. kickoff, everybody and everything including the benches were cleared off of the field.

We proceeded to experience a mini-hurricane complete with gale force winds, lightning, thunder, hail and rain that lasted for about ten minutes.

Then it just settled down into a steady rainfall with only occasional bolts of lightning.

 At the end of the hail storm

Clearing up but another issue arose

Due to the intensity of the rain storm, all of the field's chalk lines were gone.

Coaches and Refs meeting to decide
what the options were

First and foremost was the concern for player safety and the lightning strikes which were getting to be both far fewer and, more importantly, farther away.

The second was the laborious, time consuming effort to re-line the field for play.

A lonely chalk lining cart

 Let the lining begin!

My hat served as an emergency
video camera protector from
the elements


 I didn't see any Alpini hats in the crowd

 The lining was finished and the
weather was clear enough . . .


The Gorillas deploy in an unusual looking Kickoff Return alignment.

After a 90 minute delay, the game was finally afoot!

 The Gorillas first drive
was a good one until . . .

 . . . this 90 yard Pick-Six by the Rhinos

It was 7-0 Rhinos and they had not had an offensive play as of yet.

Showing their grit, the Gorillas marched right down the field again and scored to tie the game at 7-7.

Rhinos Kickoff Return

Gorillas completing a roll out pass

In the second half the Sun came out

The Gorillas fought hard but the talented Rhinos made enough plays to take home another victory.

It made for an interesting
viewing experience, thank God the
Rhinos stands were covered!

As for that other game in town . . .

Unfortunately, no contest

After the game we were hungry and decided that we needed a break from pasta in any form.

Thus we stopped on the way home in Legnano at . . .

. . . a Spanish tapas bar chain restaurant

We only had combined eight tapas and they all tasted good!

I think that Giorgio's paella last night got us into a Spanish mood this weekend.

More Skorpion football on Sunday as our Women's Flag team plays three games today in nearby Bienate.

Go Skorpions GO!

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