Friday, May 17, 2019

A Good Day on Lago Maggiore with the Johnsons

Thursday, 16 May, 2019

First, and most importantly, let see what's up on . . .

. . . Il Giro d'Italia culinary trail today

Hard to go wrong with prosciutto and cheese to start a stage of a bicycle race.

After a cappuccino and brioche at Pasticceria Marabelli with Mark and Susie Johnson, we were off to a day of adventure on Lago Maggiore.

We drove to the lakeside village of Laveno and then took the car ferry across to the lake's western shore and the city of Verbania.

 Ferry rides are always fun for me

Susie and Mark on the ferry with
the city of Laveno behind them

After disembarking from the ferry, we drove in a sternly direction along the gorgeous cost of the lake and once in the city of Stressa we parked the car and boarded a small boat that would transport us to two of Lago Maggiore's atmospheric Borromean Islands.

On the boat ride to Isola Pescatori

A fantastic spot for lunch at
Isola Pescatori's Ristorante Belvedere

Group photo on Isola Bella

We are posing on the courtyard of the fabulous Palazzo Borromeo.

 Healthy poppies on Isola Bella

Is this a ristorante kitchen
or a meth lab?

Go Huskies GO!

 A great spot to purchase
more espresso spoons

 Interesting sign but we were full

Waterfall drinking style

 This old sign has character

 Tavern of Crime?

Susie and Mark on the
Palazzo Borromeo Courtyard
with Stressa in the background

 Our boat back to Stressa awaits

 We think the island is for sale

It is fully landscaped which will drive up the price I would suspect.

Once back in Stressa, we continued to drive south along the lakeside before making a last stop in the city of Arona.

Men at Work

Men facing Temptation


Arona's pleasant pedestrian
shopping street

 Colorful decorations brightening
up a dull looking building

 Funky looking Nativity Scene

 Reminder, we have practice tonight

Nice balcony garden

 A shoe store that Laurie and Susie

Who would have guessed?

Religious art on a courtyard wall

 Built in flower pots on the
same courtyard wall

Who is that saint?

It is San Carlino

I found that small sign under the Via Cavour sign of interest.

That arrow indicates the high water mark of Lago Maggiore's infamous flood of 4 October, 1868.


We had a GREAT practice tonight!

We've enjoyed two good practices this week in preparation for the Varese Gorillas game Saturday night.

It was a good day all the way around in both Lombardia and Piemonte with good friends.


David said...

I understand that the traditional Italian gift to coaches winning American football championships is a small private island.

Of course, I could be mistaken.

George said...

No David, you are spot on correct about this wonderful custom.