Saturday, May 18, 2019

Another Trip to Bellagio

Friday, 17 May, 2019

It was my 120th day living in Italy while enjoying my latest coaching assignment with our beloved Skorpions. Only 60 days left to enjoy Italy before we return to the scented breezes of life in Camarillo.

Today's culinary guide to the Il Giro d'Italia
stage from L'Aquila to Vasto includes
Mortadella di Campotosto and
Spaghetti alla Chitarra

As for our day, we got a bit of a late start as young Susie had a touch of the stomach flu which first flared up last night.

Susie, ever the true travel trooper,
and Mark with the Lago di Lecco
in the background

Laurie and I at the same spot

We were on our way to beautiful Bellagio on a bit of an overcast, dreary day.

Bellagio sits on the point on this
peninsula with the Lago di Como on
the left and the Lago di Lecco on the
right of the city

Large lakes like these must have
ferries to aid travelers

And I'm a sucker for ferries, I love both watching them and riding on them.

Mark and Susie Johnson
in Bellagio with the Lago di
Como in the background

Susie and Laurie about to bolster
Bellagio's economy

The Gran Tagliere di Salumi e Formaggi
con Miele di Bellagio served with
Focaccia Bread appetizer plate at
Bellagio's Antichi Sapori Bistrot

We were all happy with this light snack before our lunch was served.

After another wonderful meal at this somewhat hidden gem in the heart of Bellagio, we were back at it.

Shopping that is

I think that Mark and Susie
enjoyed their day in magical Bellagio

I know that we did!

The drive back to Varese along the Lago di Como's eastern shore from Bellagio to Como was spectacular as always.

We had a full day to be sure.

Now we have only one more day until Varese's . . .

. . . DERBY!

Go Skorpions GO!

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