Thursday, May 2, 2019

May Day is Labor Day in Italy

Wednesday, 1 May, 2019

Laurie's first full day in Italia was declared a National Holiday by the government!

The fact that May 1st is also Labor Day in most of Europe may have had something to do with the festivities on this gorgeous Spring day in Lombardia.

But I'm still pretty darn sure that it was more about Laurie's arrival.

We were fortunate that the small
church just up the street from us
had an all day festival planned
for Laurie

Mercantino "Arti e Mestieri"
"Arts and Crafts" Market

That phrase can also be translated as "Getting rid of all of your disposable income."

We were sure to be there when the Mercantile opened at 9:30 a.m.

And we shopped

Laurie with her morning haul

Back at the Villa Scorpion II
to secure Laurie's newest treasures

After doing a little computer work, we headed back up the street to the same church to try their Tradizionale Banco Gastronomico.

It was indeed time for lunch.

Chiesa San Giuseppe at lunchtime

The line to buy food and drinks
for lunch moved quickly

For a mere 17 Euros we got two grilled salamella sandwiches, a bowl of polenta with gorgonzola cheese, an order of French fries, a coke, a bottle of beer and a glass of red wine.

Not bad for festival food . . .

Lots of locals enjoy the day
at the church festival

The local priest was in full
festival regalia

Salamella on the grill

It was so good!

Laurie was enjoying EVERYTHING
about today's festival

Including the necklace she bought earlier in the day.

Late in the afternoon, we heard live music coming from the festival and just had to investigate.

The band was between songs
when we got back to the church yard

What do you think?

Laurie was still having
way too good of a time!

 And I can barely read English

 Cymbals are cool instruments

The holder of the band's banner

Another song from the band

Silver and Brass were good
contrasting colors

He's the Leader of the Band!

This church festival was really a good one with a good but not overpowering number of people in attendance, good food and fun arts and crafts for sale.

Meanwhile, back on the Skorpion American football front . . .

We are still waiting for the Skorpions'
cracker jack photographers to post
their pictures of last Saturday's game

I did find these good photos on the Brescia Bengals website.

It took three Bengals to down
RB Dylan Auriema on this play

Pursuing the ball

We had to do this a lot as the Bengals racked up 353 yards of Total Offense on the night.

Open field tackle by FS Simone Tettamanti
with help from
SS Manuel "Biondo" Bulgheroni

The Bengals Kickoff Return team
was OUTSTANDING Saturday night

CB Andrea Mora had a
good game for us

Great Stalk Blocking by
WR Martino Piazzi gets
RB Dylan Auriema extra yards

Our Kickoff Return in action

RB Ema Della Bosca is a powerful
RB who also blocks extremely well

LB/K/P Stefano Granelli
is the Heart and Soul of our team

Stefano Granelli using an unusual
tackling technique

Emanuele Mascelli
returning a Kickoff



RB Dylan Auriema had a GREAT night

He rushed the rock 22 times good for 208 yards, a 9.5 yards per carry average and a TD.

DT Luca "Ceo" Bozzo on the tackle
with DE Tomas Pedotti using a
good Dip & Rip move

Stefano Granelli
Jack of All Trades

A team high ten tackles, seven for eight on PATs, one for two on Field Goals and lots of good Kickoffs that we did not cover too well.

Is that an old school
Cross Body Block?

#88 Matteo Mozzanica had two TD
grabs on the night

The Bengals QB had an
up and down game

He was 14 for 31 passing for 224 yards, 4 TDs and 3 Interceptions.

On the other hand, our QB Giacomo "Jack" Micheli was 13 for 20 passing for 326 yards, 7 TDs and 1 Interception.

Stefano and Simone on the tackle

Swarming to the ball

There was too much of this by
the Bengals offense but . . .

. . . the bottom line was that in
the standings it was a . . .

4-2 is a good thing!

So is having Laurie back in Italia.


David said...

I must admit I was very concerned about your lunch — then I went back and reread it and was relieved to see that you didn't actually have Salmonella sandwiches.

I think this was also a festival to welcome Laurie's wallet.

George said...


I had the same concern the first time that I ate one of these delicious sausage sandwich staples of Italian BBQ.

Agreed on the wallet welcoming festival, the Varese economy is now officially BOOMING!