Monday, May 20, 2019

The Rain Continues But So Does the Music in the Streets

Sunday, 19 May, 2019

Due to the late night/early morning shenanigans at the BellaVita Cafè after the Derby last night, we got a late start today.

At our usual breakfast at the
Pasticceria Marabelli, I got my daily
Il Giro d'Italia stage culinary update

They were bicycling from the tiny Republic of San Marino to Riccione today. The bustrengo dessert sounded good to me.

We enjoyed sharing our usual cappuccino and brioches with our old friends from Seattle, Mark and Susie Johnson and our new friends from Seattle, Matt and Susie Kataoka.

It was raining which limited our post
breakfast options as did needing to get the
Johnsons to Malpensa Airport by 4:00 p.m.
to catch their 5:30 p.m. flight back to London

So we opted to walk and shop the arcaded streets of Varese once again.

The fun loving Luciano Band was
playing again today

This trio hails from Spain and played lively music on a dreary day.

My kind of shopping

More from the Wailing Sax
of the Luciano Band

Their instruments are definitely not new.

Mark fell in love with the Varese
Bell Tower's beauty too

At Noon, the Bell Tower came to life

 Susie and Mark at Lago Maggiore's
Isola Bella last Thursday

After returning to the Villa Scorpion II to let the Johnson's re-pack their two carry-on bags, we headed down to the Iper Simply Supermarket as Mark wanted to see an Italian food market in all of its glory while buying a few food items for the road.

We had a simple and delicious lunch in the cafeteria style restaurant in the mall next to the supermarket before heading off to Malpensa and bidding the Johnsons a fond farewell.

As usual, we had a great time with the Johnsons the past four days touring Lombardia's Lakes District and I greatly appreciated their coming to our Skorpions game Saturday night.

Meanwhile, more news and photos from the wonderful world of Skorpions football.

This week's DII rankings still
have the Skorpions ranked at #7

Only one more week left in the regular season for all of Italy's DII as the Skorpions (5-2) play the Canavese Mastifs (2-4) at home at 6:30 p.m. Saturday night.

The Mastifs face a tough week as after losing to the Milano Rhinos (7-0) last Saturday night 38-12, they will play a make up Week #9 game on the road against the Desio Hammers (2-4) on Wednesday night before traveling to Skorpion Field on Saturday. The Wednesday night game winner will probably make the field of twelve for the playoffs.

Three games in eight days for both the Mastifs and Hammers is not the optimum by any stretch of the imagination.

Some photos arrived today thanks to Benny, one of our team's cracker jack photographers.

 Taking life way too seriously
before the start of the game

 Laurie keeping life in its proper
perspective before the start of the game

Ying and Yang.

WR Riccardo De Micheli

He had a TD catch to open the game but it was his amazing twisting, diving catch in the Fourth Quarter that left everyone gasping.


RB Sergio "Mizu" Montalbetti

The Skorpions unlikely Derby hero.

RB Coach/RB Cristian "Bumba" Bianchi

Bumba embodies all of the toughness, dedication to the team, loyalty and unselfishness that coaches look for in their coaches and players.

 Benny does artsy photos at times

 Key members of 
"The Godfather Part IV" cast?

Or perhaps it was just Dani and Giorgio conspiring on what to do on our next Defensive series with their best Borgia looks.

Stefano Granelli parking another
one in the end zone

Offense ready to strike

Pass from Giacomo "Jack" Micheli
to Riccardo De Micheli for . . .


Starting Center Gabriele"Capo"
Di Stefano celebrated his 18th birthday
on Derby Day

RB Sergio "Mizu" Montabetti
in action

We enjoyed a good and busy weekend but now it's time to start getting ready for Saturday night's Canavese Mastifs regular season ending confrontation.

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