Saturday, May 4, 2019

Laurie's First 2019 Foray Into Downtown Varese

Friday, 3 May, 2019

The skies were still threatening but we opted to head into downtown Varese to run a few errands to start the day.

We walked to the Pasticceria Marabelli for the mandatory cappuccino and brioche before boarding a C line bus into the heart of the city.

Cut the red cord!

There was an apparent bomb scare across the road from the Pasticceria Marabelli but these trained professionals kept us all safe from this potentially deadly terrorist assault.

Safe and sated, we made our next stop at the Varese City Hall that also houses the public library to trade in old DVDs for new ones.

Laurie by the City Hall's
beautiful gardens

 Laurie likes gardening . . .

. . . thus her enjoyment at
seeing City Hall's tulips

 A beautiful tree in full Spring bloom

New DVDs in hand, we strolled into Varese's pedestrian only streets.

33 or 3, which one is it?

What a good looking building

A priest taking a break from his
confessional duties to admire the art
in the Basilica di San Vittorio

Yet another photo of one
of my favorite Varese statues

 Near the old Teatro that
no longer exists

Laurie liked this bit
of outdoor wall art

Varese's picturesque
Basilica di San Vittorio Bell Tower

We were on our way to a store
that sells medieval toy soldiers
when the bells started to peal

Just one of the medieval toy soldiers
that we bought for the two grandsons

Now to find some things for little miss Mary.

Laurie was hungry from all of the walking and shopping so I took her to one of Varese's best pannini shops.

 The Golden Egg Bar has
yet to disappoint

In a wild dietary move, we split a pannino.

What is happening to our marriage?

 The view from our seat at the
Golden Egg Bar

The good, fun people that work here make the dining experience just that much more enjoyable.

An after lunch macchiato at
the Café Ghezzi

We headed back home via the C line bus again just ahead of the afternoon deluge.

Laurie wanted to see what our
balcony on the upper level
looked like from the courtyard

It looked nice I thought with the flowers to highlight our potential breakfast sight on warmer days.

Later in the day we ventured by car to the Gelateria Argentina and to our butcher shop, the Marcelleria Tonino. It was Laurie's first trip to both and, I believe, that she enjoyed each experience.

We opted to stay at the Villa Scorpion II for the evening to read and watch a little TV as the weather was still a bit sketchy.

It was another good day in Lombardia if you ask me!

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