Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Day in Milano Viewing the Art Collection at the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Alpini Conventioneers Arrive

Friday, 10 May, 2019

We were off to Milano today for Laurie's first visit of 2019.

First stop was Milano's Stazione Centrale

The Stazione's ever interesting architecture

 A griffin standing guard

Alpini, lots of Alpini

At both the Cadorna train station where our train from Varese arrived and now here at Stazione Centrale there were lots of men wearing their Alpini hats.

The Alpini are Italy's famed mountain fighting troops that have a long, glorious history defending the peninsula's northern border in the Alps and Dolomite mountain ranges.

Laurie wanted to visit Milano's
WWII Deportation Museum

Located at the far end of Stazione Centrale. It was closed today.

Thus it was on to lunch, also close to the Stazione.

 Jacob and Mary call Laurie Gigi

Another Alpini with a GREAT feather


The Alpini are having a convention in Milano this weekend.

 Our lunch awaits

The Osteria del Treno

Originally it was a gathering place/dining spot for off-duty railroad workers from the nearby Stazione, thus the train motif.

More train motif

We were served our drinks
but it is a self-serve lunch

In line to order and receive our
two orders of Veal Scaloppini

The Chef serves you directly through that window into his kitchen.

After lunch we headed towards our next stop via . . .

. . . the Metro

 Laurie walking in Milano's
Brera neighborhood

Springtime in Milano

The Pinacoteca di Brera

A former monastery, the Pinacoteca houses a top notch collection of Italian 13th-20th century paintings.

The Pinacoteca's Grand Courtyard

It was established as a museum in 1809 to house Napoleon's looted art.

The museum is upstairs while the ground floor houses a prestigious art college.

Napoleon with Tinkerbell
by Antonio Canova

 Young man . . .

 Just chillin'

Interesting face

 The Pinacoteca also has
a botanical garden

Big leaves

The backside view of
the Pinacoteca


 New Spring growth

 Napoleon being crowned King of Italy

 Bust in a cage

 Why yes, I do like to work out

All we had seen so far was on the art school's ground floor, it was time to climb the steep staircase to enter the museum.

Amazing treasures were to
be found through these doors

A museum just MUST have a chapel

Being presented to the Madonna
and Child is always a big thing
in a young man's life

 A Bishop

St. Columba's demise

A colorful triptych

Amazing detail with . . .

. . . a closer look

 Why is only one person reacting to
the child being trampled by the horse?


The bishop's cup is empty

 The Dead Christ
by Andrea Mantegna

 Crucifixion wounds

Marriage of the Virgin
by Vittore Carpaccio 

What a GREAT beard!

St. Mark Preaching in Alexandria
by brothers Gentile and Giovanni Bellini

Some paintings in the collection were HUGE!

Let's take a closer look at this one.

There are lots of interesting head gear
in this canvas' foreground

These were better than the first ones

 Now we're talking!

On, I liked these the best 

Mary at the Crucifixion

 Casting lots while awaiting Jesus' death

She looks like she having lots of fun

St. Peter of Verona
assassinated Inquisitor of Lombardia

I'm not sure if the knife to the heart or the machete to the head was the actual cause of death.

 A large Crucifixion scene

Wait, is that a Varese Skorpion
banner in this Crucifixion scene?

Jesus with a plus-one?

A Tintoretto

Cherub and Lion

Napoleon naked year again

Lots going on in this medieval kitchen

 Laurie's beloved cherries

Martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria
by Gaudenzio Ferrari

An angel on the way to save
St. Catherine

 The end of a rough day

A brightly colored St. Peter

I'm liking the Skorpion red socks

 Collecting the precious blood
pouring out of Jesus

 Another patron in awe as
we all were I'm sure

 St. Peter of Verona again with
a squire holding a city model

Now that knife looks like it might 
have missed the saint's heart

Nothing like the joy that being
a pious Catholic brings to the soul

Madonnas with a sheer veil

Marriage of the Virgin
by Raphael

 A close-up of Raphael's work

Nothing to see here, just some
saints adoring the Baby Jesus,
please keep moving

Has anybody seen
John the Baptist recently? 

Supper at Emmaus
by Caravaggio

 The Last Supper
by Peter Paul Rubens

I could TOTALLY do this look!


Sure, I'd love another . . .

Bring back BIG wigs!

 A Venetian cityscape of the Grand Canal
by Canaletto

 Canaletto's view of St. Mark's and
the Doge's Palace

 The Kiss
by Francesco Hayez

This is a much loved work by most Italian art enthusiast depicting a reunion of a soldier (Alpini?) and a woman at the end of Italy's Second War of Independence.

 My head felt exactly the way
this woman looks

We had seen so much incredible art in a short time, my head was spinning.

We rested in the courtyard for a bit
to regain our artistic composure
before moving on to find . . .

. . . Alpini celebrating this glorious
Milano day by . . . 

. . . SINGING in a pub!

Another group of Alpini in front
of the La Scala Opera House

More Alpini in the Galleria 

Two young kids on a lark of a life!

Alpini in the Piazza Duomo 

Alpini singing and dancing
on the Duomo's steps

An Alpini Battle Wagon

Laurie just had to see Milano's
Starbuck's Riserva

We looked but did not purchase.

Once finally home, it was time to view the internet for news of the day.

 Apparently, our LB Stefano Granelli
leads DII by a wide margin in tackles,

 The Skorpions Petrillo Family

Filippo is the U17 Flag and U16 Tackle teams' star WR.

Emma is the U13 Flag team's explosive RB.

Sofia is the Women's Flag team's outstanding QB.

Enzo is the father of these kids and coaches the Skorpions Women's and U13 Flag squads.

He also once made me an offer that I could not refuse.

There was a knock on our door. It was Giorgio inviting us next door for one of his home made dinners. 

Yet another offer that we could
NOT refuse!

He made paella that would have
pleased a native of Valencia

What a chef!

What a great day to be alive and enjoying La Dolce Vita in Italia!

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