Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Sunday in Aci Castello

Sunday was our last full day in Aci Castello, so we started the day with a granite, mandorla e cioccolato of course, and brioche at Mythos.

Claudio and Roberto joined us which made it all the better!

Aci Trezza'a beach was crowded on this beautiful morning.

After an afternoon of packing, cleaning and preparing for the Grand Tour, we met for dinner with some of the usual suspects at Jonica's Pizzeria in Aci Castello.

Giulio brought his halo

Nice T-shirt!

Pietro and Marzia joined us

Claudia and Attilio Di Fazio

Attilio, the owner of Fondo Bianco, and Claudia just got married about two weeks ago.

Attilio is one of Catania's
"Colorful Characters"

A master with flames and alcohol!

A happy group of eaters


Gustavo is the Elephants'
"Social Butterfly"

Mathieu decides to do an
impromptu Dead Lift

Laurie and her boys

What a good time we had tonight, THANKS ELEPHANTS!!!

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