Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mazzaró and Lido La Pigna

We were up early and it was off to the beach again! But which one would it be today?

I found an article on the Internet titled "The Five Best Beaches in Sicily". Now this is a topic open to GREAT debate.

The article's Top Five were:

1. Mondello - Near Palermo, we visited this gorgeous beach before one of our "Thursday's in Palermo" practices. VERY NICE but it was not warm enough on our visit to avail ourselves of the beach.

2. Mortelle - About 12 km. north of Messina, we have not visited this one as of yet.

3. Spiaggia Sabbie Nere - A black sand beach on the island of Vulcano it was again a bad weather day on our visit.

4. Lido Mazzaró - LOVE IT!

5. Giardini-Naxos - GREAT beach and Linda with one of her fabulous 10 Euro "Massagees"

As you can imagine, on a huge island like Sicily there are many great beaches. If any of you out there have a better choice than these, let me know!

I would have to put Isola Bella on my list of favorites.

Where to go today?

Laurie looking mysterious at breakfast

A cappucino, a fresh squeezed orange juice, some bread with marmalade and a great view add up to a Good Morning!

The View of Today's Beach from Our Breakfast Table

The Lido La Pigna on Lido Mazzaró

My view during most of the day when I was not in the water. My new aqua shoes that I bought yesterday at Auchan were fantastic on this pebble beach.

Traditional Sicilian Fishing Boat

Today it was taking people out to the Blue Grotto for just 25 Euros per person.

The Ionian Sea was refreshing!

The rock formations looked great with my new goggles too!

Rock Picnic?

The Illustrated Man comes to Lido Mazzaró

BIG GUY, he sounds Russian and looks like he could be an MMA or UFC fighter.

Sun, Sea, Sicily

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